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Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Spider-Man Villain

Come see which bad guy earned the top spot!

Peter Parker has a rogues gallery that's loaded with crazy and memorable villains. Whether it's challenging Spider-Man with raw might or intellect, these foes have each earned their place in Spidey's history. This week, we wanted to see which villain the Comic Vine crowd appreciates the most. Almost 400 Viners voted and, well, we don't think too many people will be surprised by the result. Venom (Eddie Brock) wins with 25% of the votes!

Spoiler: it's not their final confrontation. But it is awesome.
Spoiler: it's not their final confrontation. But it is awesome.

Eddie's currently Toxin and was Anti-Venom prior to that, but there's no denying the fact he was an absolutely iconic Venom. During his time with the symbiote, Brock served as a twisted reflection of Peter. Eddie believed he was the good guy and wanted to save others from the terrible, terrible Spider-Man. This twisted mentality lead to quite a few legendary clashes with the wall-crawler and, given the symbiote's abilities, he's a very big physical obstacle for Spidey. Then there's the simple fact that his appearance is just so cool -- his looks alone likely caught the attention of many. So, it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Venom earned the #1 spot and something tells us you won't be too shocked (no, that's not a Herman Schultz pun) by second and third place.

Viner Post for Venom is by MannEffest

"Venom by a mile. Sorry Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Mysterio, I love you guys but Brock's Venom wins in my eyes. What makes Eddie Brock as Venom such a compelling character is not the fact that he just looks like he could deal open a can of woop-a$$in, or is just plain cool to look at. Nay, it is the fact he is a sympathetic villain. He doesn't have delusions of grandeur or wants to make a quick buck. He only became Venom because he felt that Spider-Man AND Peter Parker had wronged him from the point of where he couldn't climb back out of the hole that he was put in. That thirst for retribution, while insanely overdramatic, made the reader feel for Eddie Brock. You could see why he saw himself as the hero and Spidey as the villain. He valued human life, something that other villains in Spidey's rouge gallery lacked. He had a moral compass, which showed when push came to shove he could play the good guy. He was more than a simple "mustache twirling" bad guy, he was a complex and sympathetic anti-hero. One with a horrific yet (down-right) cool appearance that oozed appeal to young boys my age when I got into superheroes. I came for the cool appearance, and now I stay for the character."

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Viner Post for Green Goblin is by Jayso4201

"There is most certainly no shortage of great villains for Spidey, Doc Ock, Venom, Carnage, Kaine, Jackal, Hobgoblin (both). All greats. I based my vote on who was truly the greatest villain as it relates to Peter/Spider-Man. No one else has had the impact on Parker's life that Norman has. Not even close. He is truly a horrible person and Spider-Man's greatest villain."

To celebrate Eddie Brock's victory, go ahead and share your favorite image of him below. See you next Tuesday for an all-new Question of the Week!