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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: Favorite Geoff Johns Green Lantern Story

The Comic Vine community has voted and now it's time to reveal which story won!

While it's sad to see Geoff Johns leave GREEN LANTERN after spending nearly a decade expanding the universe, he at least left us with shockingly impressive swan song. If you haven't read GREEN LANTERN #20 yet, go do that right now. It's well worth the cover price. This Tuesday we asked which Johns story was your favorite and the results are now in.

Over 200 Viners voted and one arc rose above the rest: 'Sinestro Corps War.' Earning 40% of the votes (including mine), it's easy to understand why this one blasted apart the competition. While 'Rebirth' is the superb story that kicked off Geoff's time with Hal, 'Sinestro Corps War' is widely considered the go-to tale once you're hooked into the cosmic ride that is Green Lantern. This adventure is nothing short of an epic blockbuster filled with countless jaw-dropping moments, plenty of familiar faces and some truly exhilarating action. Sinestro's might is on full display here and at the end of the day, this is absolutely considered a must read.

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Here's the poll results:

Personally, I'm a sucker for the Arkillo/Kilowog rivalry and adore the insanely powerful attack which concluded it. But what's your favorite moment from the story, Viners? Speak your mind below!