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Comic Book Question of the Week Results: 02/26/13 'Who Should Be Robin?'

The community has voted and the next Robin will be...

The second 'Comic Book Question of the Week' has now come and gone. This week, I asked who you would want to see as Robin. A scenario was provided where the Boy Wonder left on his own terms, therefore making it fairly reasonable to believe Wayne would be okay with finding a replacement for his partner's tiny boots.

377 Viners voted and it was a close race between Harper Row -- the girl we believe will likely one day be a part of the Bat-family -- and Stephanie Brown, the fourth Robin. In the end, the community made it clear: they want to see Stephanie Brown in The New 52 and they'd love to see return to the Dark Knight's side as Robin again.

"Batman and Robin will never die!"

I must admit, I'm surprised Cassandra Cain didn't receive more votes. There's been plenty of demand to see her appear in The New 52, but I guess the thought of Stephanie Brown patrolling the streets once again with Batman is just too fun of a thought to resist.

It's too bad she wouldn't be able to interact with Damian if she did come back, though... they had such great moments together when she was Batgirl.

That said, I voted for Hit-Girl. I by no means think she'd be the "best" choice -- not by a long shot, actually -- but seeing Wayne try to reform her lethal methods as he takes her under his wing would be incredibly amusing. Although, if we're aiming for the most amusing, Doc Ock in a tight Robin costume is disturbingly hilarious...

Here's the voting results:

Viners, would you want Stephanie Brown to be the next Robin or did you vote for someone else? Don't forget to check back Tuesday for the next 'Comic Book Question of the Week!'

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