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Comic Book Question of the Week: Most Promising New Series

There's plenty of great ongoing titles out there, but which new one has the most potential?

We're sure your pull list is packed with quite a few stellar ongoing books, but have you been collecting all of the new material, too? Various publishers have been producing quite a few awesome and fresh books for you to check out and we want to find out which one you're the most stoked about. Based on the limited stuff we've seen thus far (be it a few issues or even just a preview for a series coming out), which new title has the most potential to you? Will a heavy hitter like BATMAN/SUPERMAN be the obvious champion or will another title swoop in and steal the spotlight?


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Voting will remain open until Thursday morning (ET) and an updated feature (with poll results, extra opinions and more) will hit the homepage shortly after! Which title will earn your vote and why, Viners? Give the comments section a piece of your mind below.