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Comic Book Question of the Week: Favorite Marvel Villain

Who is the best foe in Marvel? Come place your vote and say why the evildoer earned your support!

"I am bad and that's good."

With FOREVER EVIL and Villains Month taking over the DC universe, we thought it would be fun to give the villains over at Marvel some attention and love, too. From cosmic threats which can threaten the Avengers to a man waddling around on metal stilts, the publisher has created dozens upon dozens of rather awesome fiends over the decades. But, when it comes to the question of the week, only one may reign supreme! So, we want to know who your favorite is on the poll (link provided below) and why. And if they're not on it, be sure to vote "other" and state who you voted for and why.


Shocker wasn't invited because they fear him.
Shocker wasn't invited because they fear him.

Voting will stay open until Thursday morning (ET). Shortly afterwards, a new feature with the results and more will go live on the homepage, so be sure to check back then!