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Comic Book Predictions This Week: 1/16/13

What do you think will happen in tomorrow's big comics?

Welcome, Viners! Every Tuesday, this is the place to speculate what'll happen in tomorrow's new releases. Do you think there's an obvious twist coming up or something far more complicated in the works? This is the spot where you can speak your mind and place your bets about what'll go down! Every week, I'll pick 3 books to briefly chat about and I'll even provide a few extra (lighthearted) predictions, but you're free to discuss any of the new issues.

Let the speculation begin!


A face only a mother could love.
A face only a mother could love.

How can anyone honestly predict the Joker? Odds are I'll be completely wrong here, but let's look at the facts. Joker thinks Batman has become weak and that's because of his allies. He also took Wayne's butler, Alfred, because he claims he needed a butler. However, we can now speculate that Joker does indeed know who's under the cowl -- and if that's the case, was taking Alfred just another move to get inside Batman's head? We also know he's prepared something big for Batman in Arkham Asylum, home to many people who want nothing more than to see The Dark Knight die.

So, what's waiting for the Caped Crusader inside the facility? First and foremost, Joker is all about elaborate traps. One way of the other, he's going to use the inmates to his advantage. Whether it's as simplistic as having them assault Bruce to something far more complex (perhaps playing on Batman's desire to always save a life), they're obviously going to play a key role here. At the end of the day, though, I wouldn't be shocked if this issue had a big twist with Alfred or even Damian.

Joker also said Batman would be the one to kill his allies. Will he be forced to face them as they're brainwashed and potentially disguised, and if so, how'd Joker snag them? Will the Clown Prince of Crime force Batman into a situation that only grants him time to save one life out of a handful? Truthfully, I have no idea what Scott Snyder's brilliant mind has in store for us. What do you think will happen in tomorrow's issue of BATMAN?


She is not amused.
She is not amused.

Young Jean Grey has been struck by a tornado of events that'll happen to her in her future -- and as you know, they're not only insanely complex, but also incredibly dark. Given the chance, could you really prevent these things from happening and save yourself from your death(s)? I think this flood of bleak memories is going to take a major toll on Young Jean's mental well being as Brian Michael Bendis' series continues. She's determined to stay in the future and make things right, but how could someone resist the chance to change their fate? I think she wants to stay in the future for now for the very same reason Reed Richards is taking his family on a trip -- to save herself. Regardless of what goes down, I just hope there's another hysterical past/future Iceman interaction.


Strike a pose, Slade!
Strike a pose, Slade!

How do you kill a man that regrow his head in just a few seconds at most? Deathstroke is tasked with killing Koschei, an allegedly unkillable man. Although, it looks like the dictator's arrogance will be the death of him. As he smacked around Slade in the last issue, the villain revealed something quite important: he can only die if he wants to.

So, how do you make someone like Koschei wish for death? This is easy for someone as tactical as Wilson: you take away everything the man holds near and dear. In Koschei's case, I imagine it's his pride and his power. I have a feeling Deathstroke will find a way to systematically take away the fear Koschei holds over his territory and somehow humiliate him. When all is said and done, Deathstroke will get a hefty payday.

Extra Predictions

BLOODSHOT #7 - Bloodshot will get annihilated at least once and, as usual, it'll look really, really cool.

INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #3 - Something shall be smashed.

PUNISHER: NIGHTMARE #3 - It'll look fantastic but be totally overwhelmed by far too many captions.

SAVAGE WOLVERINE #1 - Wolverine will scream at least once as he slashes. RAHHH!