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CIVIL WAR II Moments Revealed During Marvel Next Big Thing

Learn more about the upcoming event from today's press conference.

Cover #0 by Olivier Coipel
Cover #0 by Olivier Coipel

The spiritual sequel to one of Marvel's biggest events, CIVIL WAR, is coming in June from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez. The publisher invited the press to a conference call to discuss the upcoming story with Bendis, editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, and senior vice president and executive editor Tom Brevoort. Marvel publicist Chris D'Lando led the call.

CIVIL WAR II will have its debut issue during Free Comic Book Day. A new Inhuman who can predict the future appears. The heroes of the Marvel Universe now has a decision to make. Do the heroes stand with Captain Marvel or Iron Man?

Bendis discussed how the event came together. They wanted to make the story about things going on in the world at that time and that it had to be culturally relevant. They wanted a story where there is no right or wrong answer.

Alonso said it's a complex issue, and it connects to the outside world. "Freedom vs Security... It's very much about the world we live in... What would you do if you could prevent something from happening?"

We found out that the new Inhuman is named Ulysses. He's the focal point character of the story. Bendis says he's a "young man who is being forced to grow up very quickly. He was on a pretty traditional route in America and something happened that completely derailed his life, becoming an Inhuman."

This character expressed an idea in the story that shows what's unique about the Inhumans, their growing population and role in the world. This sets up a political situation for where the Inhumans are at. This could threaten the Inhumans way of life. Where they want to be vs where they end up.

We will see the origin for Ulysses in CIVIL WAR, illustrated by Jim Cheung. Bendis went on to say that the inciting incident is in this Free Comic Book Day book. It's in its own story.

Tom Breevort jumped in to say, "it's an essential piece of the puzzle. It's a completely new Brian and Jim Cheung piece." The first issue of CIVIL WAR II will be 40 pages long and that does not include recap or cast pages. Bendis stated that he's a big believer in opening issues of an event being oversized.

Issue 3 cover by Marko Djurdjevic
Issue 3 cover by Marko Djurdjevic

While Bendis went on to say something big happens in issue #2 of the event, something very unique happens with the Hulk. Bendis jokingly said he'll have to unplug his computer for a couple days. This will be a highly debated moment in the story.

As far as the tie-in issues go, some tie-ins will be precursors and some will take place right after a scene in the CWII book. Ms. Marvel will tell a Ms. Marvel story without being a "generic Marvel book," says Brevoort. How it affects Kamala and Jersey City. The audience won't have to follow 6 other books. They want to let each tie-in keep its tone.

Bendis jokes that Chip Zdarsky isn't taking the story seriously in HOWARD THE DUCK, and it's almost like he's making fun of the CWII creators.

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Interior art from CIVIL WAR II #1

Onto the questions, asks about Miles Morales role in the book. Bendis said that Miles has a role in the series, and like other characters, will grow and grow and grow throughout the series. Miles, Kamala, and other newer characters have to make hard choices and sometimes they have to be made for them. Miles will feel it for years to comes.

CBR asks about Tony's mindset going into this. Bendis says Tony is a thoughtful genius person. He's faced with a moral dilemma. Same goes for Carol Danvers. Both Carol and Tony have very strong positions, and they're both trying their best to do what they think is right.

ComicBook asks if there are any characters that you thought would lean one way that leads another?

Bendis says, "not yet." You have to be careful with that. The character interaction is what made it from 6 issue series to a 7 issue series. There's been a lot of surprises for me. This is as much Matt Murdock I've written in a long time. There are people who have gotten more panel time that I originally thought.

Ulysses featured in CWII #1. Art by David Marquez
Ulysses featured in CWII #1. Art by David Marquez

Newsarama asks about the preview pages, including the cosmic looking villain on the page. Bendis says that the opening with a cosmic event.It will propel the rest of the series.

IGN asks about Hulk and She-Hulk, but Bendis says he can't answer anything about those characters at this time because they are spoilers.

We ask about the Ultimates involvement in the book and whether series in their own pockets will be involved within the main title. Bendis says that The Ultimates is a good example of the idea behind that book, which is about heroes trying to stop major events before they happen, fits right into what CIVIL WAR II is about. "What that team is up to is proactively looking for solutions before things become a problem. That does speak to the more 'Minority Report' concern of what this Ulysses character's powers might offer us."

In addition, Ultimates are intimately involved. Issue #7 is a part of the road to Civil War. As for other series, the characters involved reflect their books. "We have a really nice ranging and diverse line and want people to do their own thing."

Alonso stated that Black Panther has a new series, but he will be in CIVIL WAR II a lot.

CIVIL WAR II has a story coming out on Free Comic Book Day on May 7, followed by CIVIL WAR II #0. The first issue of the story will be released on June 1.