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Civil War II Kicks Off With Major Casualties

The Marvel Universe is about to be divided.

You can always expect plenty of conflict within the pages of comic books. In Marvel's latest big crossover event, a major decision has to be made. It's a decision that will have serious consequences and really call to question how far they should go in keeping the peace. Similar to the 2006 story dealing with the Super-Human Registration Act, the decision will eventually divide the heroes into two factions. What's different this time is the choice to be made is on a much bigger scale. As the new choice is presented, there are some dire consequences that go along with it.

There will be some spoilers for Civil War II #1 below.

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A new Inhuman has surfaced. Unable to control his powers, he simply gets visions about events that are about to happen. The Inhumans give the Avengers full disclosure on his abilities, which begins the debate. Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) feels the visions should be used to prevent problems before they occur. Tony Stark (Iron Man) questions the "probability ratio" on the visions. He questions how accurate the visions are. Is the future seen in them fated to happen? If they can prevent something from happening, that makes it a possible future rather than something that absolutely will happen. Do they have the right to apprehend someone for something they haven't done yet?

The issue isn't fully resolved, but when another vision occurs involving Thanos, Carol and her team (the Ultimates) decide to take on the Mad Titan. Tony is called to the Ultimates' headquarters with the bad news.

James Rhodes, War Machine, is dead. As seen in the Free Comic Book Day issue, Rhodey and Carol are in a relationship, and he happened to be with her when the Inhumans arrived with the vision of Thanos' impending attack. War Machine joined the Ultimates, and it was a brutal fight.

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Tony is angry Carol decided to act on a vision. He accuses her of killing his best friend.

Rhodey wasn't the only casualty. She-Hulk suffered serious injuries as well.

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It was unclear whether or not She-Hulk would wake up from her coma. Because of her unique biology, a gamma specialist is needed but couldn't be found. After Tony yells at Carol and rushes off, She-Hulk wakes up and tells her to fight for the future. She flatlines and we're to assume she's dead as well.

There is a tiny chance She-Hulk can still survive. The problem is, because she's in the body of a Hulk, it would be nearly impossible to resuscitate her. Since we're talking about comic books, there's always a way to reverse her death. Perhaps she'll revert to her human form and action can be taken. With this attack and the injuries, the other heroes in the Marvel Universe will have to decide what should be done with the visions from the Inhuman. Should they try to change the future or should it be allowed to play out as intended?