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Chicagoland Movie Theater Embraces Comic Culture

Hollywood Palms theater works with Graham Crackers Comics to bring comic-related events during big movie releases.

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For the past decade, some of the most popular movies come from nerd culture. This is something everyone knows and understands; however, very rarely do movie theaters do anything to really promote these films in a fun and unique way. Obviously, these films will bring people on their own, but rarely do theaters offer a memorable experience.

Hollywood Palms, a cinema, bar & eatery, does things a bit different, especially when it comes to more nerd-related films. The theater, located in Naperville, IL; 30 miles west of Chicago, has teamed up with local comic chain Graham Crackers Comics to offer fans a more unique movie-going experience that entices comic book readers to come out.

Currently, to celebrate the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction film, Hollywood Palms is not only offering the first 100 people, for Thursday, June 26th showing, a free comic from Graham Cracker Comics, but fans can also check out the screen-used Saleen Mustang for the 2007 Transformers film, on loan from the Volo Auto Museum. Fans will know this better as Barricade. On August 9th, the theater is having a TMNT day to coincide with the newest TMNT film. They will feature a live ninja demonstration as well as the Ninja Turtles pizza van, again, on load from the Volo Auto Museum.

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Making a movie into an event is just smart business. Fans looking for a more interesting experience can find it in this environment. Hollywood Palms is also taking what is seeming like a comic convention stance for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. Once again, teaming up with Graham Crackers, Hollywood Palms is offering a whole weekend of activities on August 2nd and 3rd.

There will be comic drawing classes taught by a legend, movie marathons, photo ops, comic legend appearances and so much more!

They are turning this film release into something so much larger. Currently, that's all the info for the upcoming event, but with many well-known creators living in the Chicagoland area, you could probably expect some known names. That's something theaters should be and could be doing though. Offering a once a year mini-con experience to tie into movie releases is a brilliant idea. This can really bring new folks into the world of nerd without them feeling like they're at a big convention. As stated before, comic-based movies are money makers, so why not bring in some of the culture of comic books and comic book fandom to those going to see the movie?

What do you guys think? What types of things would you like to see movie theaters do to promote comic book films?