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Check Out The Official 'DREDD' Movie Trailer

We finally get a look at the Judge, Mega City and a whole lot more in the film's official trailer.

After weeks of just seeing stills from the set of DREDD, we finally have a trailer. If you've been waiting to get a better idea of how this film will compare to the 'Judge Dredd' movie from the 90's, then you can start drawing those comparisons now. Premiering on Machinima, the DREDD trailer gives us a closer look at Karl Ubran as Judge Dredd, Lena Headey as the drug lord Ma-Ma, and Dredd's protege, Cassandra Anderson played by actress Olivia Thirlby. DREDD hits theaters on September, 21 2012.

What do you think of the trailer? How do you think it compared to the first film starring Sylvester Stalone? Are you looking forward to seeing the movie?