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Charles Soule Signs Exclusive With Marvel

Writer Charles Soule details on his blog why he's moving to Marvel exclusively

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In a post on his blog, writer Charles Soule announced that he signed exclusively with Marvel. DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1 comes out on 9/3/14 and with that comes Soule's new decision. Many people may be worried about how this will affect his current work at DC Comics, where he is currently penning SWAMP THING (The FUTURES END issue comes out September 3rd), SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN, and RED LANTERNS. Luckily, Soule will have the chance to finish up his run.

This means that I won’t be writing for DC Comics for a while, which was not an easy decision to make. DC gave me my first shot at “Big 2” comics with Swamp Thing, and my profile took a massive leap forward when they trusted me to write Superman / Wonder Woman. Red Lanterns has been a blast as well, not to mention all the other side projects, one-offs I’ve been lucky enough to write – and of course the projects I haven’t written yet! So let me be clear – the decision to work with Marvel for a while isn’t any sort of denigration of DC. I had a fantastic time there, I was treated extremely well, I have strong positive feelings about all of my editors and the DC universe of characters, and I look forward to hopefully working with them at some point down the road. You’ll still see DC work coming out from me for a little while yet over the coming months, and both Marvel and DC were extremely gracious about working with me to make sure that I could complete my runs on DC titles the way I originally intended. So, you’ll see my work on Red Lanterns as part of the big Godhead event, you’ll see me ending my run onSuperman / Wonder Woman the way I wanted to, and Swamp Thing will continue under my pen for a little while as well

Soule will also continue to write LETTER 44, while signed exclusively with Marvel, so fans of that series have nothing to worry about. Soule went on to say that writing eight on-going books was a challenge requiring a lot of focus. He stated that he is ready for his next challenge.

It's clear Soule has a lot of love for the industry and his craft and there's no hard feelings leaving DC. He's just ready for the next step in his career. Good luck to Charles Soule and his newest book DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1 which hits comic shops on Wednesday, September 3rd. Check out our review here.

Source: Charles Soule's Blog