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Character Line-Up Announced for TNT's Teen Titans

The team line-up for the pilot episode has been revealed.

There's lots of comic book television coming down the pipeline, but one thing fans really one to know is which DC heroes are going to be members of the Teen Titans on the upcoming TNT television show? Nerdist revealed exclusively which characters will appear on the upcoming pilot for the show and it's a pretty interesting line-up.

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First up is Dick Grayson. While at first he'll be wearing the Robin outfit, Dick will eventually hop into his Nightwing garb. Dick has left working with Batman and he is now working as a detective in Boston, not Bludhaven.

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The next person revealed is Barbara Gordon. Barbara was once Batgirl, but she is now in a wheelchair. She will be the resident hacker for the group and it sees like while she won't be called "Oracle," she's taking on everything else about that role. This announcement, more than anything else, will have fans jumping for joy.

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The third and fourth members of the team are Hawk and Dove. These two will be more along the lines of the New 52 version and there will be a little romance between the characters as well.

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Raven is the next character announced, and while she is a part of the New 52, this version of the character will reflect the TEEN TITANS version more from the Geoff Johns run. She's being referred to as Rachel Roth in the pilot script.

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Finally, Starfire was announced as the last member of the team for the pilot episode. According to the episode, she and Raven will appear towards the end of the pilot episode. Essentially, the team for most of this pilot will be Robin, Oracle, Hawk, and Dove. Not mentioned were Beast Boy or Cyborg, two pretty important Titans members.

It's unknown who else could join the team after the pilot, if the show gets picked up. It's also unknown if this universe is in the same universe as The Flash and Arrow.

Not seeing Cyborg or Beast Boy feels weird, but at the same time, adding Oracle to the show is just plain wonderful and completely unaccepted. Now, we just have to wait and see if TNT puts Dick Grayson in the disco outfit for an episode. What do you think of the line-up for the show?