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Character Bios And Designs For 'Beware The Batman' Revealed

A DC kids magazine gives us a peek at the show that will premiere on Cartoon Network sometime in 2013.

It seems Katana has taken center stage today. Earlier we saw the announcement that the DC heroine would be seeing her very own, self-titled series and now we've been given a better look at the character who is also set to appear on DC Nation's Beware The Batman animated television show. Although the show has seen its fair share of ups and downs (changes in the release date, the show placed briefly on hiatus), it seems DC is ready to begin making a marketing push. In a recent issue of the DC Nation kids magazine readers were given a look at the character designs and bios for the character's that will appear on the upcoming television series and one of them just so happens to be Katana.

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Among other characters we will be seeing on the small screen once Beware The Batman launches on Cartoon Network are Professor Pyg, Mr. Toad, Alfred and of course, Batman. You might notice some interesting differences in the character costumes and their overall appearances on the TV show. The most discernible difference is likely the portrayal of Alfred on the show. Often when we see Alfred's character, he's dressed in a tuxedo and looking rather dapper. On Beware The Batman Alfred will have a very different look. The character will still wear a suit, but this time his face will look a lot more hardened. The designers have given him a much bulkier physique than what we are used to seeing, and it looks like he will be doing a lot more than just playing Butler at Wayne Manor.

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It will definitely be interesting to see the show when it finally premieres on Cartoon Network because it is so remarkably different from the different versions of animated Batman we've seen in the past. Not only that, but it might be neat to see some all-new faces on the show like Professor Pyg, Humpty and Metamorpho since none of these characters have made their onscreen debuts, at least not yet. What do you think of the upcoming Beware The Batman show premiering sometime in 2013 on Cartoon Network? Are you looking forward to watching it? What do you think of all the Katana news we've seen today?

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