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Changed My Mind: Digital Comics

I was once against it... Now I'm for it.

 Remember this picture?
 Remember this picture?
About a year ago, ok 10 months ago, I wrote an article essentially bad-mouthing digital comics. I wasn't ready for the change, and I wished it was nothing more than a fad. Deep down, I knew the change was coming, or at least on its way, and I did everything I could to try and defend what I loved, the "printed word." A few things changed for me, and everyone else, in those past ten months: I noticed I've completely run out of room for my comic books and trades, the ipad was launched, and I actually saw how digital comics could work. I then put my foot in my mouth as I read my old article.

So what actually changed the way I think about digital comic books?

One people: ComiXology and Archaia Comics. Yes, this does sound like a veiled plug for them, but it's 100% true. During C2E2, ComicVine had an interview with David Steinberger, the CEO of ComiXology, and after the interview he helped me figure out the weirdness that is the iPad. (It's just weird to me... futuristic almost) Aside from David be super-patient and nice about giving me a demonstration to someone who hates most apple products, I found myself really enjoying it. I loved reading a comic on the iPad. After the demonstration with David, I headed back to the Archaia Comics booth, or as I called it, "home base" because they had really nice seats there, and talked to Daniel Quantz and R.J. Ryan about their upcoming book, Syndrome, which they showed me the colored pages on an iPad and some of the cooler features on it. I realized right around then that this wasn't really a bad thing. Digital comics were pretty darn cool, especially when I had people that would take the time to show me how this jazz all worked. It was actually a lot of fun to use, and the best part was that I wasn't taking up more space at my place.
== TEASER ==

What's not working for me?

As I stated 10 months ago, and I quote: 

 DC doesn’t seem to be on top of this verging technology yet

It's been 10 months since then, and they still don't seem to be on top of it. You can find previews of comics to download to your computer, but where's the actual comics? If DC wants to stay on top of things, they should start getting those comics online for people to buy. You know what else isn't working for me? Release dates. If these companies really want to take this online comic jazz seriously, they should release new comics online the same day they come out in print. Most publishers release the digital comics a few months after they come out in print. I think the only real way to increase the popularity of this is to put the books out the same time they come out in print, much like iTunes does with music now. But how long until this happens? Hopefully everyone jumps on soon.
I admit, again, I hated the idea of all online comics, but when I actually got to see how it all worked and pulled my head out of my butt, I loved it. The iPad is really what pulled a lot of it together for me. The screen is large enough for my poor old eyes to see the book and the transitioning between panels and pages was smooth and aesthetically pleasing. I can say, without a doubt, I've excepted the inevitable, and I'm excited about it... And in the next few months, I will own an iPad too. 
Have you guys tried digital comics out on the iPad? What do you think about this ordeal?
~Mat "InferiorEgo" Elfring is a comedian, teacher, comic book writer, comic store employee, and now a fan of digital comics.~