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I know I'm a little late to this particular party...I was on hiatus when the Cap 2 trailer came out...

But hot-damn. That final shot with Cap blocking the Winter Soldier's bionic arm? Came straight out of an Epting panel. I nearly messed my pants.

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After hearing this, very excited "I love the way Cap moves [ in the game ]. He just beats ass. That's how this guy needs to be moving. This isn't just a guy who was given the ability of speed and power. He's been training. He's got the frame of mind to absorb this information, so you can only assume with training and his ability, the guy should really be dangerous. We show that. If Jason Bourne can do it, Cap should be flying through these things. We've had a little bit of fun kind of turning up his power, turning up his speed, and so the fights are a lot more grisly and impactful and, in my opinion, cooler. He's flipping off things and spinning off things and using his environment. It's not just punch, punch, kick, kick. That's fine, but this has to be more than The Bourne Supremacy." - Chris Evans

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@sandman_ said:

You traded blows with Loki, Cap, I'm sure you can take on Bucky.

Loki whooped Cap. He's lucky that Iron Man showed up.

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My predictions for the post credit scene, whether Nick Fury fakes his death or not, or whether it looks liek Bucky dies again in the end of the film, this scene is going to happen where Bucky will become a person who works in the shadows to help Nick Fury. It will also be his way of redemption.

Nick Fury is going to offer him an opportunity.

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we get to see the winter soldier in the spring.

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The body whether it be dead or not looks like Fury, why? Well they are dark skinned, beard, and it looks like they have something on their eye.

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This movie looks like it has a lot of potential.I trying to guess who that dead body belongs too its annoying me can't wait for this movie.

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I've been guessing with my mom who the dead guy is all day.

I've narrowed it down to either Sam or Bucky.

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Curious about the corpse and definitely excited to see people's reactions when they find out who the Winder Soldier really is :) Glad to see it's got enough action and seriousness, but you know there will be some comedy and relief from that. I don't always like Scarlet in this role (just not as an actress in general), but she's going to be badass, like this whole movie.

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@feartheliving: Was joking, of course they wouldn't off Hawkeye offscreen. I do want Falcon in Avengers 2 though.

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@alertcircuit said:

@godofmischief said:

At 2:08, Black Widow, Cap and Maria Hill looking over someone's covered corpse?

Little do we know that the Winter Soldier has killed Hawkeye offscreen, and in end credits scene we see Falcon being told by Nick Fury about the Avengers Initiative.

Um no. Hawkeye will be in Avengers 2. Surprised no one is suggesting Falcon is the one who dies I mean he isn't in the room.

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Now this, I'm excited about.

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Oh god,how I cannot wait for this movie.This movie and X-Men Days of Future Past are mu top priorities this year.

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At 2:08, Black Widow, Cap and Maria Hill looking over someone's covered corpse?

Little do we know that the Winter Soldier has killed Hawkeye offscreen, and in end credits scene we see Falcon being told by Nick Fury about the Avengers Initiative.

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yes! this looks so good

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This will be the best Marvel movie yet, I can barely wait!

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hell yeah!!!!!!!!!

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@unknownuser101: I wonder where he showed up in? And I agree, the more serious tone of the Captain America films is what's helped them be so good and this one seems to reflect that tone very well.

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@lvenger: I heard about that brubaker cameo too, didn't see it either

Oh, and this not only looks exciting like iron man or thor, but far more interesting and it seems to take it self more seriously. That is unless the winter soldier happens to be the guy playing galaga or something mandarin-ish

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And now I'm hyped even more for this film now. So many great teases in this trailer from Fury on the operating table to Falcon and Cap's partnership to Steve's uniform colour shift to the mystery and political thriller intrigue vibe I'm getting from the trailer. The first Captain America film is probably the best MCU film after The Avengers and Iron Man but this looks like a real contender to do very well.

But where was Brubaker's cameo? I didn't see him in the trailer.

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Interestingly Empire have a slightly different trailer which has a brief appearance of Sharon Carter

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Why are some people suggesting that the corpse might be Hawkeye? Hasn't he been confirmed for Avengers 2?

i think it is fury because we see him later on all messed up with bruises

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Why are some people suggesting that the corpse might be Hawkeye? Hasn't he been confirmed for Avengers 2?

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This is gonna be way better than the first captain america movie.

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Looks awesome, I can't wait!

With all these trailers, the wait is becoming unbearable!

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Alright, I'm going to be totally honest here...I didn't pay any attention to this movie, or even care much about it for that matter, until I saw this. I know, I know - it sounds horrible, but it's true! Anyway - wow, does this ever look awesome!

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absolutely bad-ass. lol i know there are still some people that will say the movie is weak. this will be the best marvel movie in my opinion. marvel well done for moving your characters forward. i salute you. DC needs to wake the fuck up. they need to start making wonder woman movie now. and other lesser known characters like death stroke, night wing, red-hood (jason todd) and others. i won't be surprise if they make ms marvel before wonder woman or they make sentry before wonder-man. where as wonder man is by far more popular than both of them combine. i think DC is scared.

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Heck. Yes.

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I'll just be over here waiting until April. Don't mind me.

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Count me in on release day!

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wow... this looks great!

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This looks amazing.

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This could the movie of the year for 2014.

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So far, so good. I am a major Cap fan. I like that they use the mixture of the original version and the ultimate version. I'm all about the original. The ultimate version is badass. I mean you're part of the super soldier program, probably should be super. Picking up to 4 tons and just about every thing else has been enhanced to super human levels is awesome.

Read someone on here said they were not a big fan of Falcon before. I'm hip. I felt that way for years about that character. He looks amazing so far on film. I can not wait to see him fully fleshed out and in action. Pencil me excited.

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hmmm...not really impressed....

have to wait and see it first...

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I LOVE the vibe I'm getting from this film but I really hate watching these trailers. Now I just feel like I've seen the entire film :(

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Fury fakes his own death. The direction of SHIELD has moved in since the first Avengers movie is not his. He's targeted by enemies and being marginalized within the organization he is supposedly in charge of so he fakes his own death. That way he can pull the strings from behind the scenes without being under constant threat. He returns possibly as soon as the end credits, but certainly for Age of Ultron.

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@veshark said:

....And I think I just messed up my pants *Looks down*. Yup.

Man, the hype for this movie is really rolling - I haven't been this excited for a superhero movie since the Avengers came out.

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The reveal of The Winter Soldier will make the movie for viewers outside the comic community.

Edit: Could the corpse be Winter Soldier, who they THINK they killed? Wouldn't surprise me if he could slow his vitals to almost zero due to the nature of his...longevity.

This has potential to be the best of the solo films.

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This is much better trailer than from before. I am so pumped up for this. I wonder whose under the sheet, maybe Fury so they could make a point for the LMD's? I hope its not Falcon cause that would just piss me off.

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How am i supposed to wait 2 months for this?

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Oh and for anybody who wasn't aware, Ed Brubaker actually has a cameo in this movie, and appeared in the trailer.

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I feel like the borderline comedy thing is something that works for Iron Man, though. He's always been a sardonic and a bit self-deprecating, so that tone of movie is not entirely unsuited to him.

Seriously doubt they're going with a comedy angle for this, and I think that's pretty clear to tell from the trailer. It's a dark, grim setting, portrayed consistently throughout with lenience for witty quips and one-liners which have been mainstays throughout the MCU.

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I loved this. so so much