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Captain America Set Photos and Video

They pulled out all the stops for V-E Day.

       At first I thought this Chris Evans... which wouldn't make sense at all, right?
 At first I thought this Chris Evans... which wouldn't make sense at all, right?

Joe Johnston wasn’t kidding when he said he opted out of shooting CAPTAIN AMERICA in 3D to save money on the movie’s budget. Set photos have popped up recently depicting two scenes from the upcoming Captain America movie. While they may not be showing Cap in action, they are definitely evidence that this is a full-blown event picture with the proper scope. 

The first shoot took place this past Sunday in London’s Trafalgar Square, wherein a whole mob of extras dressed as civilians and recently-discharged servicemen reenacting celebrations for V-E Day, the surrender of the European Axis powers. These photos come from Ace Showbiz


Next up is a video Hey U Guys took of what’s left of the US army base camp set in Farnham. You’ll notice that there’s a USO stage at the head of the camp where, presumably, Cap will be entertaining troops in the gaudier version of his costume. == TEASER ==  


So, maybe these aren’t the most exciting “spy” photos and video, but they do demonstrate how this production’s dedicated to the same kind of verisimilitude that people appreciated in IRON MAN. That is, you’re really going to believe that this larger-than-life superhero actually exists in a real historical setting. The fact that they had such an elaborate production for V-E Day is actually a bit telling, as we all know Cap goes for the deep freeze before the end of the war. Perhaps this will be a scene where Peggy Carter’s somewhere in the crowd, wistful despite the celebration?

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