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Captain America Launches His Secret Empire

Captain America has a new position in SHIELD and plans to unleash his evil plans.

Captain America has gone through some changes. Back in June, it was revealed how his history and character have been altered. Unbeknownst to the Avengers and civilian populace in the Marvel Universe, Cap is actually loyal to Hydra, the terrorist organization. Kobik, a cosmic cube that gained sentience, rewrote Steve Rogers' past. He now follows orders from the Red Skull, although he is forming his own plans for making America a stronger and better place with Hydra's ideals implemented.

Maria Hill has just been relieved of her duties as the director of SHIELD. This opens the door for Captain America to push forward his plans for a Secret Empire, the upcoming arc unfolding in Marvel Comics.

There will be some spoilers from Captain America: Steve Rogers #10 and Civil War II: The Oath #1, both written by Nick Spencer.

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Steve Rogers pushed for Sharon Carter to be appointed the new head of SHIELD. Because of the new SHIELD Act passed in Congress, someone the American public fully trusted needed to be put in place. The new law gives SHIELD immense power within the United States if a national state of emergency was declared. There is concern with the possible abuse of power, which is why many felt Captain America could be trusted in the position. It is believed he is someone who will stand up for the people and get things done.

Tony Stark suffered an injury during the conflict known as Civil War II. This gave Rogers a need to visit Stark in his coma and make his confession to his old friend.

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Steve Rogers truly believes his plan to rebuild America is what the country needs. During Civil War II, an Inhuman with the ability to see the future showed Rogers what America would be like under his rule. With Rogers and Hydra in command, he saw children pledging allegiance to a flag with Hydra's logo. He saw reports of the American economy soaring to new heights. He also saw camps set up for those who were different and those who opposed his way. He also saw an army of Hydra soldiers assembled in front of a battered Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

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The scary thing is, the heroes and the world trusts Captain America. By the time they discover what he's been turned into and what he has planned, it might be too late for them. The upcoming Secret Empire event will address the outcome of Cap's plan. The teasers suggest several Marvel heroes will be pulled into the conflict. We'll have to keep reading to find out how this will play out and whether or not Captain America will be reverted to his true heroic self.