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Captain America Goes Through Dramatic Changes in Sam Wilson #7 [SPOILERS]

Steve Rogers has been elderly and powerless for quite some time. However, this week's issue of Sam Wilson: Captain America changes everything.

Marvel already revealed that Steve Rogers would be returning as Captain America in the upcoming months, which coincides with the theatrical release of Captain America: Civil War, but this week's issue of Sam Wilson: Captain America reveals just how this all will play out as his youth is restored.

A couple years ago, Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, had the super soldier serum drained from his body by a villain named the Iron Nail. This left Steve Rogers as an old man, not as capable in battle as he once was.

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Rogers has been spending most of his time working with the Avengers as their operation director. He occasionally goes out on missions, but there is not much he can actually do in battle. The once proud symbol for what a superhero can and should be is half the man he used to be.

In Sam Wilson: Captain America #7, Rogers finds himself face-to-face with Kubik, a sentient cosmic cube, capable of great power. During their conversation, Rogers finds himself in battle with the man that once killed him, Crossbones, and Rogers is getting the beating of a lifetime.

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Rogers is beaten to unconsciousness. He remembers his past and finds himself in the cosmos, where Kubik greets him and offers to make Roger strong again. Because Kubik is a walking, talking Cosmic Cube, her powers are great and unimaginable, so something as small as giving Captain America his youth and powers back is not a problem. Rogers gets up and takes out Crossbones with a series of huge blows. Both Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes greet Rogers and are surprised to see that he's young again.

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It's a moment all comic fans knew was coming, especially with the new Captain America comic series coming out in time for the film. However, what does that mean for Sam Wilson, who has been wearing the red, white, and blue outfit for the past few months? Will he continue to be Captain America, much like Bucky Barnes did after Steve died, almost 10 years ago?

That wasn't even the craziest thing about this issue. It turns out Rogers' youth isn't the only thing that returned. A villainous ghost from his past is also back.

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That's right. Red Skull has somehow returned from the dead, once again. It seems like Steve Rogers' upcoming comic series already has its big bad villain. Could it be that Kubik also had some part in bringing back Red Skull as well? We'll have to wait and see.