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Can Captain America & Thor Save Iron Man In Stark: Disassembled?

Hmmm...that does look like Steve Rogers as Cap...

Things aren't going too well for Iron Man.  With Stark: Disassembled, he's pretty much near death.  Will this be the end of Tony Stark?  This is something that people have been asking for since Civil War.  My question is, do you still feel the same about Tony or has he managed to redeem himself during Secret Invasion?
Invincible Iron Man #21 is on sale December 9, 2009.  It's written by Matt Fraction with art (and 50/50 cover) by Salvador Larroca.  In this image, we see Thor and Captain America trying to save Iron Man.  You'll notice that it appears that Steve Rogers is wearing the red, white and blues again.  If you've read Reborn #4, you know that:

Guess we'll have to wait until December to see what is going on here.

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Posted By Niko

Which one do you think does the most work: the hammer or the shield?

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Posted By Son_of_Magnus

He will always be a dick

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Posted By Moomin123

This story sounds good.
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Posted By Hamz

To be honest I always agreed and sided with Tony Stark during Civil War. So I've never lost support for the man, I don't think he needs to redeem himself as he did what he felt was right during the events of Civil War. Put it this way having him in charge of the Pro-Registration movement was much more safer than putting someone like Norman Osborn in charge of it.

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Posted By Band Lone

He must die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwaahahhahahhahaahhahahahahahhaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By Ectoplasmic

I REALLY wish I hadn't read that spoiler... I've been putting off the Reborn story for a few weeks now...  
I'd really like to see Stark and Richards get to "come-uppins" for what happened in Civil War. It was antagonizing seeing what they worked together to do.
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Posted By Dr. Detfink

So basically they are using Thor's hammer, Cap's shield, and some jumper cables found from an '81 Buick to re-start Stark's Extremis? LAME!

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Posted By goldenkey

Iron Man will always be an asshole for what he did.  Sure he wanted to be hero, but there's the trust factor issue.  I wouldn't trust the guy again, because he's always gonna be out for himself in the sense that he's never wrong.
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Posted By FoxxFireArt

Wow, that shows they are friends. They showed up to give him a jump start. A directed lightening strike would kill him easily, but there it's dispersing it through the vibranium shield. That could work.

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Posted By Nova`Prime`

I am really looking forward to this and with Siege right around the corner THE Avengers are going to have to bring the band back together to stomp a little Goblin butt.
The only reason I was against Stark during the Civil War is because as a comic fan you don't go against Cap, that's like a commandment or something. Plus I understand you need two best friends to go against each other, its called drama and everyone loves it. The whole event wouldn't have worked if the figure head of the pro-reg side was  Osborn, or some other villainous villain.

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Posted By Archetype
@goldenkey said:
" Iron Man will always be an asshole for what he did.  Sure he wanted to be hero, but there's the trust factor issue.  I wouldn't trust the guy again, because he's always gonna be out for himself in the sense that he's never wrong. "
What you're saying is that the guy who has saved countless lives over the years is a jerk because he made one mistake? Come on he isn't infallible, no one is! Yes he went about things wrong but fundamentally he has a point; people with powers can be dangerous like a gun they can misfire or a stray shot can kill a person, there's a good bit of logic to it, he was just too forceful the law should have been more lenient on the superheroes who didn't except the law.
Imprisoning your friends in the negative zone is never the right course of action.Those are words to live by.
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Posted By Kid_Zombie

LOVE STARK! Hes the man! Sure he can be a dick, but he is def. the best character to read about, love invincible iron man, and i was one of the few that sided with him. plus he has to make mistakes that makes good story telling, make the mistakes then redeems himself in an epic tale. One of he best characters to read about in marvel! But i love cyclosp also for the same reasoning, hes just a fun read, and a more well rounded character that makes mistakes like all us humans!
Cant wait for this story, although I think Cap should have stayed dead for awhile longer, but that's just me. I wanted Dark captain america for awhile with red skull inside...although i guess we will see what happens with that in reborn 5, but looks pretty certain, he dosent stay in there long, unless as a new twist they are both in his mind always fighting for control....hmmmm.

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Posted By Sunrise

If there's going to be redemption, let it be sweet and subtle. Things will never be the same after all that's happened and they shouldn't be. The drama surrounding Cap and Stark (and to lesser extent Thor) has been a strong point of the Marvel universe of late. The three books have been nothing short of stellar the last couple of years (ok, ok, Stark's run for the last couple of months).
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Posted By They Killed Cap!

Im glad im not the only one who thought Iron Man was a Ball Bag during Civil War...I honestly can't stand him. I want to see what happens with this.
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Posted By _Sojourn_

NO...Tony needs to die...and CAP America and Thor need to make sure of that
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Posted By speedlgt

everyone knows how I feel............................ROGERS VS STARK FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
ITS NEVER going to be OVER EVER! i want stak and rogers to NEVER EVER EVER be friends AGAIN!  
I know alot of people feel the same way stark came across as the bad guy and total failure the whole way I love stark but I hate him too. I love that hes basically a good guy that every one hates and ends up hurting heroes MORE than VILLANS EVER could. That makes for a GREAT character. I really really love how stark has come along. but dam if I dont want to see steve beat the crap out him again!!  
I think its great how osborn is doing sooooo much better of a job than stark it really shows his downfall. 
My only gripe is that rogers is coming back too soon. 
I would have prefered bucky to extract steves revenge for him. I really like bucky as a lot of fans do and hope that he will remain captain america hey dc has 5 Flashes......2 green arrows.....2 atoms......3 robins........800 green lanterns........Why not have 2 captain americas? just kill that stupid us agent guy and have cap and buck as the super soliders!
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Posted By Marshal Victory
@Slight said:
"NO...Tony needs to die...and CAP America and Thor need to make sure of that "
theirs a idea turn cap an thor into killers!after all punisher is sorta outa comission atm..pass on that idea . 

@Dr. Detfink said:
"So basically they are using Thor's hammer, Cap's shield, and some jumper cables found from an '81 Buick to re-start Stark's Extremis? LAME! "

yeah realy they didnt even need caps sheild. just the cables an hammer woulda worked.thor can aim them lighthning bolts pretty well. 
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Posted By DMC


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Posted By Kid_Zombie
@Dr. Detfink: I dont think its lame, Its great Imagery, His two best friends coming together despite there differences to bring him back, great picture, great imagery.
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Posted By InnerVenom123

Wow, epic picture! I can almost picture Thor saying "CLEAR!" XD
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Posted By Media_Master


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Posted By HaloKing343

Yeah, I saw this picture on Marvel's website. It's pretty cool but l like the wraparoudn cover for issue #20 better.

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Posted By Korg

That picture is all sorts of awesome. Thor appears to be using Mjolnir to power a defibrillator that uses Cap's shield as a conductor. There is no way I will not read this just in hopes of seeing this actually happen.

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Posted By RozZzje

I'm just rooting for the sub-title for this issue to be: "Thor's Anatomy" or "Cap M.D." 
That would be awesome....
BTW, if that isn't Stevie Cap...

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Posted By konshu101

I hope this does mean the bands getting back together. If only for nostalgias sake. Seeing these guys together on an Avengers team again would be sweet. I haven't read much lately so I don't know if this has been slated to happen. I've enjoyed all the different Avengers titles. I don't have anything against the new teams. I just think these guys are iconic Marvel characters and it would be great to see them leading the Avengers again. Whatever or whichever team that would turn out to be.
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Posted By waruikumo

I just finished Fraction's first run on The Invincible Iron Man, and while Tony was a weenie for going all "war on terror". In Civil War, he's awesome still, and Ezekiel Stane is just one of the most vicious nihilist punk villains, ev. 
I need to catch up on Invincible IM after that, but this sounds cool. Its interesting Tony has little robot arms coming out of his chest while naked. Is it trying to incorporate cap's shield like Warmachine's armor does with tech? And is his armor gonna be inboard now like Stane's was (ok to an extent).

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Posted By Stormultt

Tony needs to live he is still a great character though i didnt like his choice.
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Posted By dane

I sure hope the band gets back together.

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Posted By TheBlueAngel93

I'm glad to see these three back together, it's about time these heroes got back to doing the hero-thing, also I started liking Tony again after he stole all of the SHRA names from Osborn, huh, Tony was listing to Steve when he was yelling at him during Civil War after all

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Posted By goldenkey
@InnerVenom123 said:
"Wow, epic picture! I can almost picture Thor saying "CLEAR!" XD "

you mean "CLEAR YE"
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Posted By War Destroyer
@Niko said:
"Which one do you think does the most work: the hammer or the shield? "
The lightning :P
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Posted By Gregomasta

"Oh god we just killed ironman"

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Posted By Colt

i dont understand why people side with cap so much during the civil war. in case people forgot, the whole thing started because its what civilians wanted.. yknow because an entire town blew up. maybe stark made a mistake or two (mainly working with villians) but cap was being a stubborn douche. tony wanted to make a deal, to compromise and negotiate so every one was happy. rogers just immediately jumped out of a helicarrier covering his ears and humming to himself. for what? so heros didnt have to work with society? why is he even a hero if he doesnt trust anyone? even well into the war tony made a convincing deal with steve only to get zapped by a hand buzzer. 
realistically, if i were a civilian in the marvel universe i would hate superheros. every day would be lived in fear because of their constant war against supervillians. registering is really the least they could do. then again.. these same people seem pretty ridiculously dumb with the dark reign going on and all.

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Edited By dane

yeah I hate getting my life saved, those monsters!

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Posted By cadaver

bah, let stark die. he's a drunken wanker that screwed up much of the marvel universe.

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Posted By The Sadhu

Looking forward to see the interaction between these three...