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C2E2: Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi Prepare Sabretooth's Rebirth

The writer that killed off Sabretooth discusses his return and how it will affect Wolverine.

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Remember when Sabretooth died? It was back in 2007 in WOLVERINE #55. It was a pretty epic battle and when Sabretooth was under Romulus' control, Wolverine decapitated him, putting a final end to his greatest nemesis. It was a comic book death and many assumed he'd be back right away. It turns out, it took longer than any of us expected.

Now we've seen that Sabretooth has somehow returned. Today at C2E2 in Chicago, Marvel and Jeph Loeb have announced the story that will give us all the answers. "Sabretooth Reborn" taking beginning in WOLVERINE #310 this July. Jeph Loeb will be joined by Simone Bianchi, the artist that killed off Sabretooth with Loeb, in telling the story of how Sabretooth returned to the land of the living and the true repercussions of Romulus' plans. Sabretooth's return is said to ruin Wolverine's life in a big way.

We had the chance to ask Jeph some questions about Sabretooth's return and what how his recent appearance in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN plays into this story.

Comic Vine: You and Simone Bianchi killed off Sabretooth in WOLVERINE #50. Did you know then that you'd be the one to eventually tell the story of his return? Did you have this story in mind when you killed him or did it develop since his death?

Jeph Loeb: Actually this was always intended to be a two part epic. The original pitch was “EVOLUTION” (Wolverine 50-55) and then someday “REVOLUTION” -- which we never thought was going to be this long after — but in some ways is a good thing. I remember when Ed Brubaker killed Cap how everyone thought he’d be back in six months — but Ed had enough Winter Soldier stories that the book actually got even more interesting without Cap in it.

Sabretooth had done some amazing stories — but Marvel thought it might be cool if we waited to see what so many talented writers like Jason Aaron would do if he wasn’t in the arsenal.

Eventually Simone and my schedule freed up and we could come back to tell “the rest of the story.”

But the real heroes here are EIC Axel Alonso, X-Men Supremo Nick Lowe and our own Editorial Goddess Jeanine Schaefer who stood on the wall all these years and kept the hordes of creators who wanted to bring him back away so that we could tell our story. We’re very grateful for this chance!

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CV: It seemed Sabretooth simply reappeared recently and your arc is set to explain how. Was there any particular reason this story is being put off until July? Is this story going to take place before his battle with Beast in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #8?

JL: Yeah...well...sometimes things don’t work out exactly as planned. Jason needed him — and we werent’ ready — so it’s a bit cart before the horse — but what he’s doing is wetting folks appetite for what’s to come!

CV: How long is the arc in WOLVERINE going to run?

JL: I’m going to give a Bendis answer (laughs) It should be 4 issues but it might be five!

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CV: Do you approach 'resurrection' stories differently than regular ones?

JL: I try and be very respectful to what has come between. He’s been gone a long time, so everything that’s happened to Wolverine, everything that’s gone on with Romulus, Wild Child — the cast of Evolution and then what could’ve been happening — and still be able to tell a story that’s accessible for everyone who hasn’t been reading (all four of you!) since then — so you can pick up a cool Sabretooth story.

CV: You also told the story of how Cable survived in AVENGERS: X-SANCTION. Do you have plans to bring back any other "dead" characters?

JL: Dead is Dead! Why the “dead”? (laughs) I can tell you that Cable and Sabretooth’s paths are very different. I didn’t have anything to do with Cable leaving this realm. So that was a challenge to find a way that made sense which as a time traveler became the keyhole. In this case, we always planned it and it’s very much IN Wolverine 50-55. We actually go back to that exact scene.

As to other characters... hmmm... I do so love writing Gwen Stacy... SPIDER-MAN: BLUE was my love letter to Gwen... Hmm.... (laughs).

CV: What does Sabretooth do in his spare time, when he isn't plotting to kill or make Wolverine's life completely miserable?

JL: You really need to ask? He’s watching Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD Sunday mornings at 11AM! (unabashed plug, True Believers!)