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C2E2 Interview: Matt Fraction and David Aja on HAWKEYE #1

The IMMORTAL IRON FIST creative duo are back together taking on Hawkeye.

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Remember that teaser Marvel released last week with Matt Fraction and David Aja attached? The logo/font of the "Coming Soon" lead to some speculation. If you read THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST, you should be as excited about this as I am. The two are are back together and writing about Hawkeye. Sure we have a lot of Hawkeye in comics, especially now in SECRET AVENGERS but this series.

The series will focus on Hawkeye with protégé Kate Bishop and he has a new mission. He wants to protect those the other heroes cant', won't or don't protect. Hawkeye explores new corners in the seedy underbelly of the Marvel Universe and will be drawing the attention of villains new and old who are looking to bring his journey to an early and violent end.

Join us in this celebration as we asked both Matt and David about the new series set for this August.

Comic Vine: How did this come about? In other words, who had the brilliant idea to get you guys back together on a cool character like Hawkeye?

Matt Fraction: Steve and David, honestly. David asked about doing HAWKEYE back during IRON FIST… I used to have drawings he sent me of Clint but lost them all when my hard drive got dead. Anyway Steve asked, or Tom asked and THEN Steve asked, and at first I said no.

Then it cooked in the back of my head and even though I was pretty booked up at the time… I couldn't stop thinking about it. Anyway I got the OK to pitch on it and pitched and that seemed to be okay. And Steve knew he wanted to go for David, which was awesome to me but, at the same time, had been a thing that seemed cursed to never happen again -- David and I have been close on, like, three things or four things after IRON FIST and it just never happened…

Anyway, via pure Wacker magic, it's all happening.

David Aja: Yup, true, Matt and I have been trying to work together toooons of times and at last, for one reason or another we have not been able. Just imagine, once I was abducted by a flying saucer when I was about to start drawing one of his script. And so all the time. Those aliens were ones who told me about doing this series, by the way, and how not to agree someone with four arms?

== TEASER ==

CV: Because this series is said to focus more on Hawkeye and Kate "in the seedy underbelly of the Marvel Universe," will this be completely separate from Secret Avengers and other Avenger titles?

MF: Yeah, very much so. He's so well covered, super-heroically, in AVENGERS and SECRET AVENGERS especially, that I wanted to do the stories that, as Steve put it, "don't feel like his job." it's very much about what makes Clint tick and why, about how he can look at himself in the mirror every morning and what he has to do with himself to sleep at night.

DA: Seedy? Much probably, I'm drawing it.

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CV: Is the focus going to be on more street-level villains? (In other words, no chance of anyone like Galactus showing up, right?) New villains, old or a mix?

MF: Yeah, no Galactus, no Kang -- again, well-covered elsewhere. This is Clint saving lives and helping people in micro-ways, in small, human, intimate, "real" ways. And somehow, there ends up being more drama and more pathos in the human stories.

New and old. Keep your eyes on issue 2.

DA: And on issue 1. And on 3. And on...

CV: What about romance? Hawkeye is known to get around. Is Spider-Woman (or whoever he's with come August) going to appear or will he be too busy taking on the villains with his protégé?

MF: Not sure that I'd put Clint and 'romance' in the same sentence together, but Clint and ladies, no doubt. We'll be checking in on Spider-Woman and the P&L on having a friends-with-benefits sort of relationship; we'll be checking up on the former Mrs. Clint Barton, and on from there.

CV: What are the chances of Iron Fist showing up?

MF: If he survives AVX? Could be fun. Or could be creepy, like a sequel nobody wanted to see. David?

DA: Who is Iron Fist?

CV: David, will you be doing anything different with your art style to fully capture the "seedy underbelly of the Marvel Universe"? (I just like saying "seedy underbelly").

DA: I'm a messy guy, much prob will not take me that much effort.

There you have it. Mark your calendars and let your comic shop know you want HAWKEYE added to your pull list this August.