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C2E2 2016: Marvel Announces Amazing Spider-Man Civil War Mini-Series

Find out how Spider-Man is going to tie into this upcoming event.

During the Diamond Comics Retailer Breakfast on Friday morning at C2E2, Marvel announced a tie-in mini-series to the upcoming Civil War II event. In Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man, a four issue mini-series, a new Inhuman pops up in the Marvel Universe, and this character can predict the future.

Heroes across the globe are unsure about their feelings about this powered being but agree that there's a responsibility for him to use his powers in a safe way. One person who knows about power and responsibility is Peter Parker, Spider-Man.

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Christos Gage will pen the upcoming story with Travel Foreman on art. The cover of issue one was created by Khary Randolph. Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man hits the stores in June of this year.

Stay tuned to more news from C2E2 over the weekend!