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C2E2 2014: Gail Simone talks BATGIRL, Ragdoll, and Futures End

Things are getting a little rough for Barbara Gordon. But of course she'll be kicking plenty of butt.

It's C2E2 this weekend. We had the chance the talk to Gail Simone about the upcoming stories in BATGIRL and this week's Annual. Unfortunately when we film the video interview, the video glitched out. Thankfully, we still had the audio! Here's what Gail had to say about the upcoming adventures of Barbara Gordon in Gotham City and beyond.

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COMIC VINE: It sounds like things are getting bad for Batgirl. Some people are looking for her...

GAIL SIMONE: Batgirl is really having some hard times right now, and I'm really looking forward to this three issue story that's coming up in #32, #33, and #34 because it gets really difficult for Batgirl and she learns she actually has some allies that she didn't know she had.

CV: Well, that's good. So it's not going to be all dreary and gloom for Batgirl.

GS: I didn't say that. [laughs]

CV: We also have Ragdoll coming up which I imagine you're excited. We're all excited.

GS: I'm so excited and Fernando's version of Ragdoll is so freakin' creepy. I can't believe it. You will... It's just outstanding.

CV: Are we going to have the same Ragdoll? Will it be slightly different?

GS: He looks the same: creepy. Fernando made him look creepier as if he didn't already. That's all I really want to same because I don't want to give away too much, but those of you who miss Ragdoll or just curious about Ragdoll... read it. Please read it,

CV: Will there be some sort of connection with Alysia, Barbara's roommate?

GS: Yeah. Alysia gets on the bad side of Ragdoll, and that is not a good place for her to be, and also, she does go on a date.

CV: Hopefully not on a date with Ragdoll.

GS: I'm not saying who it's with or how it goes, but she definitely is going on a date.

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CV: We also have the BATGIRL ANNUAL coming out, with Batgirl and Poison Ivy.

GS: Oh my gosh. It's a completely different take on Poison Ivy in ways you've never see her before, and Barbara Gordon just watches her change right before her eyes. I'm so excited. It's creepy and beautiful and scary and all those things.

CV: Knightfall has played a big roll in BATGIRL lately, and they've kind of formed an alliance is she going to be a continuing character?

GS: Knightfall is Batgirl's Kingpin. It's not good news. [laughs] I'm not saying if it's not good news for Knightfall or Batgirl. We'll see.

CV: We just saw the solicits for BATGIRL: FUTURES END...

GS: Yes... Bête Noire. The Black Beast is coming to you in September.

CV: So 5 years, obviously a lot is going on. She's leading a female squad. We'll see Gotham's underground.

GS: It's very disturbing. Batgirl's kinda gone a little dark.

CV: Did anyone say "We need a FUTURES END story"? or did you wanna just take Barbara over there?

GS: We're going to do the 5 years later and me thinking about it going "Ohhh this will be amazing. Can we do this?" and they said "yes."

CV: Hopefully, you'll still be writing BATGIRL in the 5 years leading up to whenever this... is it comic book time or our time...?

GS: Who knows? Time moves a little different in the comic book world. We'll see what happens after that. I'm giving away no secrets.

CV: You know what would be great? If we could have a BATGIRL/TOMB RAIDER cross-over.

GS: [laughs] That would be awesome. A couple of kick ass women.

Make sure you pick up BATGIRL ANNUAL #2 this Wednesday, April 30, and get ready for Ragdoll in BATGIRL #31, on sale May 14.