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C2E2 2011: Wrap Up

So, what did you miss this past weekend?

The second installment of C2E2 has come and passed. It was a great convention. It was a blast. I only wish I didn't have remnants of my sickness from last week (that was the inspiration for that one article) that drained my energy pretty quickly. I need to thank Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring for being my camera guy, driver and object of teasing and blame. Of course Tom Pinchuk was there, mostly doing signing for some book he wrote. 

Our last day at C2E2. 
Our last day at C2E2. 
Most of the coverage is now up. All the interviews have been posted. I had planned for more but conflicts such as previous interviews running late or an upcoming panel sort of squashed a few. I had spoken to Brian Michael Bendis outside his hotel and set one up (and to show him I wore a tie after he made a crack about me wearing t-shirts in videos at NYCC). I also ran into Jeph Loeb outside the men's room (no I wasn't stalking him) but it was late at the convention Saturday night. I also spent some time talking to Peter Nguyen (the winner of the MODOK drawing contest at Long Beach Comic Con between him, me and Dustin Nguyen) as well as Jim McCann (whom I gave some dirty looks at in case Hawkeye does permanently lose his eyesight).
The good news is, there is actually some more coverage coming! 
 == TEASER == 
 "Tony, can we go home now...?"
If you want to see some of Mat on camera, you'll be able to see some Mat and Tom footage after a little challenge was made. Just bear with me. I just got done editing these interviews and will get to that footage asap. And I hear you guys like those Off THEIR Mind videos. I did some and will start rolling those out soon as well. If you're bummed that Sara couldn't make it into any of the videos, we do have WonderCon coming up in just a couple weeks. 
Now in case you're not aware what made it up so far, here's a run down of what you can check out to get a sense of what C2E2 was about: 
 Tom likes apples.
 Tom likes apples.
Here's some random shots from the floor to get an idea of how many people were there on Saturday. 

Here's some images from Marvel's Next Big Thing panel on Sunday. Images from The Iron Age by Rob Williams and Rebekah Isaacs (Earth gets destroyed by Dark Phoenix and heroes like Avengers, Fantastic Four and Captain Britain from different eras join Iron Man). Supreme Power four issue miniseries by Kyle Higgins and artist Manuel Garcia. Incredible Hulk: Heart of the Monster by Greg Pak beginning with Incredible Hulk #630. And Black Panther: Storm Hunter beginning in Black Panther #519 involving Kraven the Hunter.

What about the Mystery Men? Remember that teaser? The five-issue miniseries will introduce us to Marvel's never-before-seen pulp heroes in 1932 New York City. It will be written by award winning historical thriller novelist David Liss with art by acclaimed artist Patrick Zircher

Hopefully you enjoyed the coverage. Let us know what you think. Again, there will be a little more of Mat and Tom's shenanigans as well as the Off THEIR Minds videos. Now I need to recover in time for WonderCon on April 1st. 

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