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C2E2 13: Cosplay Gallery

Check out the Cosplay pics we were able to get this past weekend.

You can't have a comic book convention without Cosplay. Well, you can but then it loses some of the enthusiasm you feel seeping through the air. Cosplaying is a way to show just how much you love a character. Most Cosplayers painstakingly create incredible costumes and wear them with pride. Many times you even see creative twists done to the costumes.

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The unfortunate thing about C2E2 this year is I was unable to get as many pics as I usually do. And it was just me taking pics as well. There is a chance we might see some more coming. I'll update this if that does happen.

Between doing/filming interviews, the Mystery Art Challenge and, of course, the 'Off THEIR Minds' questions, there wasn't a lot of time for me to take photos. On Sunday when I figured I'd have more time, there wasn't as many people dressed as there were on Friday and Saturday.

You can check out our FULL COSPLAY GALLERY by clicking HERE.

Here is a sample of what you can find.

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