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Buy Me This! WonderCon 2014 Edition

We take a look at some cool things to buy at WonderCon.

We're in the midst of the opening of convention season. We had Emerald City Comic Con a few weeks ago, we just finished WonderCon, and this weekend, we'll be at C2E2, in Chicago. While we're at the conventions, we like to do a little window shopping. There's always a good amount of vendors at each show and there's always a few things we want to buy. WonderCon didn't have as many vendors as other comic book conventions, but we still found a few things we'd love to buy.

Dalek Coffee Mug

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Exterminate grogginess with this really cool Dalek base mug. This cool mug came from the Comic-n-stuff booth for the price of $19.99. Sure, $20 for a mug might seem pricey, but it's not that bad when it comes drinking coffee in style.

X-Statix Hardcover Omnibus

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One of Marvel's weirdest and coolest series has to be X-STATIX from Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. Normally, this complete collection costs $125, but at the Comic Store booth, they had this hardcover, along with many others for 50% off. So that means this would have cost you $62.50. That's quite the deal for this great collection.

Tulip Action Figure

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Also at the Comic Store booth was this action figure. What's so special about it? Well, it's Tulip O'Hare from the amazing Vertigo series PREACHER. Vertigo only put a few different action figures out, so this is a pretty rare find. Because it's a rarer find, you're going to end up paying $30 for this figure, but when you going to find it again?

Iron Man Picture

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This truly wouldn't be "Buy Me This" without something incredibly unafforable, right? You're in luck because we headed over to Choice Collectibles and found this incredibly cool Iron Man painting. This cool interior decoration will only cost you roughly $6,000 though. If you were a real fan of Iron Man, you'd totally buy this. Otherwise, you're an Iron-Poser.

Howard the Duck Trading Cards

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Obviously, the real winner of WonderCon, this past weekend, was me as I purchased a pack of Howard the Duck trading cards for the price of 99 cents. I couldn't tell you where I bought them, but the gentleman who I purchased them from gave me some wise advice: "Do not eat the gum."

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I found out quickly that 30 year old gum is very brittle. The coolest thing about this pack, though, was the memories that quickly jumped back into my mind. Man, I miss Topps cards packs, and while Howard the Duck was a stinker of a movie, the trading cards are so cool.

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There were some great cards in the pack and one sticker. Each card is a moment from the film with a caption below it. Let's just get right to the weirdest part. Here's the sticker I got.

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That's a sticker worthy of my Trapper Keeper. That does it for another edition of Buy Me This! Make sure to check out another special edition, next Monday, where we go over the cool things for sale at my home town comic convention, C2E2.

By the way, if you're going to be at C2E2, we'll be giving these fantastic, highly collectible Howard the Duck cards away. See you next week!