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Buy Me This: Emerald City Comic Con Edition 2014

What were some things from Emerald City Comic Con we needed to own?

Welcome back to Buy Me This where we take a look at things on the net that are comic book related that we want to own. This week, since we were at Emerald City Comicon, we thought it would be cool to look at some things available for purchase at the convention. We have a mixture of the very cool, the very affordable, and the very pricey for you.


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First up on our list is the hardcover of volume one of Matt Fraction's and Chip Zdarsky's SEX CRIMINALS. Image always puts out some cool exclusive hardcovers, only available at conventions, at this one was the newest in the bunch. This collection contains issues #1-5 and cost $39.80. Is it worth it for only five issues of the series? That's a dumb question. Of course it is! The only downside to this book was having to wait in a long line to get it.

Original SECRET AVENGERS Art by Michael Walsh

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Owning original artwork from comics you love is a dream for a lot of comic fans. In fact, we dedicated one week of Buy Me This to original artwork for sale. There were lots of creators with art for sale, but while hanging out at Michael Walsh's table, we noticed he had pages for sale from SECRET AVENGERS #1. His pages from this book range between $200-$400 dollars, and here's a few of the pieces for sale.

Geek Chic's Hoplite Gaming Table

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One booth had my jaw hitting the floor: Geek Chic. These guys make really cool gaming tables that also can function as coffee tables, among other things. Our favorite of their tables was the Hoplite coffee table. These beautiful tables have everything you need for the perfect night of gaming, from Risk to Dungeons & Dragons. However, something this luxurious comes at a price. The Hoplite will run between $1,725 all the way up to $3,450. Buy this, and you'll be the classiest gamer on the block.


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What are you going to play on that brand new Geek Chic gaming table? How about one of the many versions of Zombies by Twilight Creations? Zombies is a tabletop board game where you draw and place down cityscape tiles and have to avoid being killed by zombies, This was a game I played a lot during my 20s, and it's a ton of fun. There's tons of expansions, and a starter game is well worth the $30 price tag. Did I buy some more while at the convention? You bet your butt I did.

While there was a ton of cool stuff there at the con, this was some of the coolest at Emerald City Comicon. We'll be back next week when we go back to our regularly scheduled programming and talk about pinball machines.

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a writer, joke teller, twitter guy, podcaster, and does NOT want you to buy him anything in this piece.