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Buy Me This: 5/5/14

Today, we take a look at some vinyl figures that are actually affordable.

At some point, in the last ten years, toy fans have slowly moved away from action figures with mass amounts of articulation and over to vinyl figures. It's a huge contrast, since vinyl figures tend to be smaller, cuter, and have as many as five points of articulation. So this week is dedicated to those tiny, fun figures that have taken over the country and all of them should be within your budget. Let's talk vinyl! I mean toys, not records.

Guardians of the Galaxy Pop Figures

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In the past couple of years, I've come down pretty hard on the Pop figures because I felt they completely put Mighty Muggs out of business. However, I found these figures on Amazon, available for pre-order, and I'm pretty ok with them now. These figures will be released on June 24th and they will individually cost $10.99. While they all look pretty cool, that Groot figure especially because it breaks away a bit from the traditional Pop figure style. Many of you may be wondering "Where's Star Lord?" Well, he's not available for pre-order on Amazon, but he is available on other sites, and he has an exclusive version as well.

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The masked version is the regular figure and the unmasked is the exclusive figure to Amazon, who apparently orders a gigantic amount of these figures. Unfortunately, it isn't listed yet on the site.

Futurama Vinyl Toy Series 2

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Good news, everyone! All of your favorite Futurama characters are available in tiny, vinyl form! Coming to us from the Kidrobot website, here's the newest line of Futurama vinyl figures. This is a blind box toy, meaning when you buy a box, you have no clue what figure will be inside, and you may even get doubles. There's 12 different figures in this set, but two of them are secret. Each box costs $11.99.

Marvel Munny Captain America Figure

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Also coming from Kidrobot because this was so dang adorable, is the Munny Captain America figure. This vinyl figure is a bit cheaper than some of the others, costing $9.99 but that's because you put it together yourself. The figure comes with stickers of Cap's eyes, shirt designs, his "A" (which doesn't stand for France), etc, and you get to put it together yourself. It's a pretty cool idea and a fun little project.

Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Figure

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Finally, here's a little something we found over at Entertainment Earth. Without a doubt, this the coolest character from the television series and he gets the full vinyl treatment here! This is one of the taller figures coming in at a staggering 7 inches. However, with that height, comes a steeper price. This figure will cost you $14.99. However, not only is the character cool, but this is one fantastic looking figure with a cool paint job.

Well, that does it for another week of "Buy me this!" We'll see you guys next week when we take a look at something else you can buy from the world of comics, movies, and everything nerdy.

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a writer, has his own podcast on Internet culture, has a sweet blog he hasn't written on in a month, and has a pug he hugs a lot.