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Bryan Singer To Bring "Sci-Fi Elements" To 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Film

The director discusses the tone of the next movie as well as the role of Magneto and Xavier.

Bryan Singer has been pretty vocal and open about his upcoming project, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and so far we know that the cast is not only tremendous (we'll see plenty of familiar faces in this next film), but also that the scope of the movie might deal with both the past and the future. In a recent interview with Digital Spy the X-Men director discussed his plans for the upcoming film, revealing that this next movie will have a very large cast and that he will be introducing some brand new elements into the franchise that fans haven't seen before.

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When asked about the tone of this next film and whether it will be "darker," Singer maintained a rather vague answer, not specifying whether or not the tone will be darker, but reinforcing the idea that the movie will feature some elements that are both new and different. The director explained that in general, the film will fall in line similarly to his previous X-Men movies but that this one will include some "sci-fi" elements.

I have a certain style when I approach X-Men films, this one is going to be a much larger canvas that takes place during multiple times…it also has an enormous cast and there is also some technologies…some science fiction aspects to it that we haven't seen yet in X-men and X-men films, but I'll probably bring a bit of my own tone, my old school tone to this one. I'm very excited about it.

The sci-fi elements will likely deal with (if we had to guess) the time travel aspect of this film which is something that we'll likely see. This might explain why we'll be seeing both versions of Charles Xavier (played by both James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellan). It is no wonder, then, that the interviewer asked about Magneto's character and his significance in the upcoming film now that the character has become "evil." So, how will Singer approach Magneto in Days Of Future Past? It seems the director will be focusing on the relationship between Charles and Mags that has been cultivated from the very start of the X-Men franchise.

Because I have both Ian McKellan and Michael Fassbender in the picture you'll deal with both sides of the point of view and it really explores the relationship between Xavier and Magneto: where it came from and where it's going.

So where is it going and will these two be forced to work together? It will certainly be interesting to see how Singer molds an intricate storyline like Days of Future Past into a film that fits with the previous X-Men movies. What do you think of the news? Are you looking forward to the release of X-Men: Days Of Future Past on July 18th, 2014? What would you like to see?


According to a recent interview with actor James McAvoy who plays Professor Xavier, actor Alan Cumming will be making his return to the X-Men franchise to reprise the role of Nightcrawler.


Alan Cumming has said, "No, they haven't [asked me to return]…I know the one that's coming up shoots this Spring, but I wouldn't be available anyways."

Source: Heat Radio, Digital Spy and CBM

Avatar image for akawiccan
Posted By AKAWiccan

Nightcrawler will be back? AWESOME!

Now I need just my Cyclops, Gambit and Colossus back and than the film will be perfect for me!

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Posted By Miss_Garrick

Nightcrawler!! Now, I actually give a hoot about this film. I think this movie will be more alternate reality than time travel, or at least it should be. That would help explain why Mystique was apparently one of the first students in "First Class" but nobody recognized her by the 2000 1st movie.

Side note: I just realized a while ago that Gina Torres would be an AMAZING Storm! They should dump Halle Berry and get Miss Torres! She can do hardcore tough scenes and have moments of quiet dignity exactly like Ororo, she would be PERFECT!!

oh, and YAY!! Alan Cummings is coming back!

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Nightcrawler returneth....awwwwwwwwwww yeah! Other than that though...a sci-fi approach to a movie involving time travel seems rather self evident I would think. Still, I'm just of the opinion that I don't want Singer screwing this up...I really don't.

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Posted By ladymastermind

This movie was starting to sound really awesome, love the whole idea and love the characters that will be in it, especially Nightcrawler. But why did Alan Cunningham have to play him??? Let's face it, he's old( he's getting more gray hairs every time i see him) and for me he just doesn't play a good Nightcrawler. For me, unless it has abbs, and look hot in spandex, then it's not for super hero movies.

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Posted By charlieboy

I am excited that Kitty and Nightcrawler are going to be in this.

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Posted By Emperormeister734

Thank You!!! We need Nightcrawler!!!

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Posted By Boumei

@LordRequiem: I was thinking the same thing, the more information that gets released the more it sounds like it's going to turn into X-Men 4 instead of being a sequel to First Class

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Posted By SUNMAN

the internet backlash if this bombs will be epic

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Posted By Smurfboy

Great news that Nightcrawler is back. Can't wait to see the movie!!

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Posted By daltonmunnal

@LordRequiem: Seeing as he's the one creating the movie, it's a sequel to whatever he wants it to be a sequel to. Clearly.

Avatar image for dcfox
Posted By dcfox

@LordRequiem: After seeing Jack the Giant Slayer any hope I had for this new X-Men movie died. I like big brainless CG filled action movies more than most but Jack was terrible.

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Posted By LoganRogue24

i hope they either ignore x-3 and wolverine origins or explain there in another universe or something.

Avatar image for loganrogue24
Posted By LoganRogue24

i hope they explore the romantic tension between Logan and Rogue that was in the first two films. Rogue and bobby sucked in all 3 films no chemistry at all it was so boring to watch.

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Posted By joshmightbe

Doesn't the fact that a random gene gives people super powers mean its already got Sci Fi elements?

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Posted By Namor1987

Everything about the X-Men has sci-fi elements to it IMHO. I guess the giant mutant hunting robots & time-travel could seem "sci-fi" but technically a lot of Marvel's titles are heavily sci-fi. We as fans may or not catch it or care because we're so used to it.

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Posted By JamDamage

I have doubts for this movie. I hope I'm wrong, I just don't faith in FOX.

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Posted By LordRequiem

Bryan Singer is clearly a joke. He doesn't understand that this is a sequel to the new X-men franchise and not the old one. And anyone that thinks a cast featuring Ian Mckellan and half the cast of first class missing, is nothing more than brainless.

If his latest endeavour, Jack the giant slayer is anything to go by us First Class fans are in serious trouble.

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Posted By Mr. Messy Face

@Babs: I heard that Bryan Singer has said that he has not talked to Mark Millar about this movie at all so far.

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Posted By Iron Apollo

Without mathew Vaughn returning I am very skeptical of singer doing the x-men. And these releases don't help.

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Posted By BlueLantern1995

YAY! Nightcrawler is back!

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Posted By comicfan123

@superschure: And your point is...?

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Posted By judasnixon

I was wondering when Alan Cumming was coming back. (No pun intended) Introducing Master Theater on PBS can't pay that good.......

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Posted By nerdork

@FoxxFireArt said:

Given the movie is focusing on time travel. Sci-fi themes seem appropriate. The fact this movie wont have Jones as Emma already peaked my interest.

Yes yes and YES!!!!

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Posted By superschure

lol, this movie is going to be 3 hours long

Avatar image for stmichalofwilson
Posted By StMichalofWilson

Nice! Though it's no suprise, I mean there have been a lot of sci-fi elements to most X-Men comics. I can't wait to see what Singer has in store.

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Posted By Overlander


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Posted By Owie


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Posted By quatro_briefs
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Nightcrawler!!?? ALRIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By Oscars94


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Posted By greenlucario


According to a recent interview with actor James McAvoy who plays Professor Xavier, actor Alan Cumming will be making his return to the X-Men franchise to reprise the role of Nightcrawler.

If this is true it could be the best X-Men movie ever, he was amazing in X2! This is probably the best news out of the numerous updates for this movie! So psyched!

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Edited By GothamRed

Sci-Fi elements? In a film about evolution and time travel? Color me shocked and awed.

As for cumming coming back, does that mean nightcrawler will have a larger role in this? Cause the reason they wrote him out of X3 was because his screen time didn't justify the extensive make-up process, supposedly.

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Posted By ADAMocracy

Sentinels... thats all I want... sentinels

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Posted By MAZAHS117

Man, this dude just can't seem to shut up about this movie. Seems like damn-near every other day he's tweeting something or releasing details. As long as it's X2 quality then it's all good, but I have a feeling the more he keeps hyping this thing, the more we're going to get another X3 other words ....just cann it Singer and do work! we know you have it in you to put out a great cbm, you've done it before.

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Posted By LeaderVladimir

I think this is a very interesting concept for the X-Men franchise. This might look like a risky move, but Singer is a very good director.

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Posted By Mutie199

Certainly excited for this. Although it is a movie that could turn out be either awful or awesome, i do hope that it will be awesome.

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Posted By FoxxFireArt

Given the movie is focusing on time travel. Sci-fi themes seem appropriate. The fact this movie wont have Jones as Emma already peaked my interest.