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Bryan Singer Discusses "The Rogue Cut" and Announces Release Date

The director took to the social media platform, Periscope to announce info about the recut film.

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While filming X-Men: Apocalypse outside of Montreal, director Bryan Singer took to Periscope, an app that lets you live stream videos to discuss "The Rogue Cut," a new cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

What's different about this cut of the film is that it's 17 minutes longer than the original and features new scenes with Rogue as well as some more footage of Jennifer Lawrence. "The Rogue Cut" will be available on July 14th, which is an important date for Singer, as that was the date the first X-Men film was released, 15 years ago.

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While that's all the info Singer announced, he did show viewers around the set of a steel mill. "If this is boring, watch more cats or dead body parts," as he show us a set that involves Magneto, which made manhole covers.

"The Rogue Cut" will be available July 14th