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Brutally Honest: Moments That Make You Shake Your Head

Don't you just hate that?

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Part of the reason why so many comic fans feel so attached to certain characters is because they find some characteristic or attribute in them that they find appealing. Some find that they can relate to them and even look up to them. For example, when I look at Wonder Woman, I envision this woman who isn't simply physically powerful- but is empowering to me as a woman. Sometimes it is easier to look up to a fictional character because you are less disappointed by them than you are by an actual person. I mean, let's face it, people can have some pretty high expectations. However, sometimes a character runs into some bad writing- and that's not really their fault.
The biggest shake my head moment in comics definitely goes to Power Girl's appearance in JSA Classified #2. Unfortunately, not even Amanda Conner's incredible art could make this moment easier for me as a fan to accept. In that issue, Power Girl explains to Superman the meaning behind the lack of insignia on her uniform. Her reason being that she simply could not think of anything. Really? She couldn't think of a symbol so she just put a giant hole there? How absolutely and utterly disappointing. Not to mention the way that she compares herself to Superman just totally turned me off as a reader.
More recently, however, was the appearance of Wonder Woman in issue #708 of Superman.
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While I can't take any credit for being the first person to notice this particular panel ( I can thank Sue for pointing that out to me), I can't say I wasn't equally as disappointed as so many other readers. If you have been reading Wonder Woman, then you know that the character has not only seemed to have misplaced her costume- but her identity as well.     

  Superman #708
 Superman #708
Much like Superman in his current series, both founders of the Justice League seem to be a little lost in their own ongoing books. Superman has been trekking across the United States from city to city in search of himself, and Wonder Woman has been on her own journey of self discovery and understanding, looking for clues about who she is. Decked out in a new costume and without any knowledge of the woman she used to be- Wonder Woman has a whole new identity. In this particular scene, Wonder Woman encounters Superman and tells him that while her sisters have taught her how to be a warrior, that by watching him, Superman has taught her how to be a hero. Okay, given that this is a completely new take on a Wonder Woman with a new identity, I can almost understand where she is coming from. Almost. 
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In a recent issue of Wonder Woman, she did everything she could to save an innocent boy and his single Mother, without Superman's help-  that alone is pretty heroic to me. But putting that fact aside for just a moment, let's look at the panel itself. This incredibly important appearance is vital to Wonder Woman's self discovery and her journey of uncovering her own identity- and like someone pointed out, it happened in Superman's book. She couldn't even realize that she wants to be a hero in her own book.  
Finally, why Superman? Lately, Superman seems just as lost as Wonder Woman, so of all heroes to choose from, why look to him and have this epiphany? Wonder Woman is supposed to be this extremely powerful character (both emotionally and physically) so it was rather disappointing to me that she had to look to Superman in order to validate herself. In that sense, this moment which was supposed to have been crucial to her own character development was used as a plot device to propel Superman's character- thus throwing Wonder Woman even further into limbo. What a bummer for Wonder Woman fans, and I am supposed to look up to her as a character, right? And it isn't as though there aren't a plethora of strong female characters that are fully grounded in their identities and aren't completely self aware, either. Look at Oracle, Donna Troy or Power Girl? All of these characters have proven (particularly recently) that they are exceptional role models. I guess it would have been great as a female reader to see the most iconic female character influenced and inspired by another Woman. 
Enough of my rant, though, what moments in comics have made you just shake your head?