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Brutally Honest: DC's 75 Year Old Boys Club?

DC Comics revealed it's 75th anniversary logo, but where are the girls?

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When I first caught a glimpse of the logo that DC Comics plans to use for their merchandise to commemorate their 75th Anniversary, I thought nothing of it- then I did a quick double take. The logo that will be representing and commemorating the last 75 years of DC Comics was definitely missing something. Oh yeah, where the hell is Wonder Woman? The new logo featuring silhouetted images of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash will appear on DC Comics merchandise and will celebrate the last 75 years of DC comics. Granted, the decision to place Green Lantern and The Flash on the logo does make some sense. Both the Flash and GL first appeared in comics in 1940, respectively, approximately 70 years ago, and over the years have became prominent characters in the DC Universe. Tack on the fact that DC Entertainment is finishing up post production on their Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds and that Marc Guggenheim recently turned in the script for The Flash movie, it sort of makes sense that DC left out their most iconic female character off the logo.Or does it? Maybe there was no room for her? 
Kelly over at CBR had a recent discussion with Sue of DCWomenKickingAss where they talked about the different reasons behind the decision to only incorporate DC's prominent male characters on their logo. The discussion began when Sue drew attention to the fact that the iconic image of Wonder Woman was clearly missing from the DC celebratory logo, and proceeded to begin a petition requesting that DC Comics "provide a second logo that includes some of its female heroes to celebrate its anniversary." I can dig it.  
When I saw that Diana was missing from the logo, I thought about it from a marketing perspective. Yes, her current costume in comic books is not the same as the classic leotard non-comics readers are familiar with, but I don't think that's why they left her off the logo- considering it's supposed to be a celebration of 75 years of history and she's only been wearing pants for 2 issues. I can't help but think that it's a corporate thing. DC wants to push characters like GL and Flash onto an unfamiliar market (non-comics readers) because they're in the midst of building franchises with those two characters. I don't necessarily think it's an intentional, "hey, we don't care about the women in comics," but more like, "well, we're just going to leave her off of this."
Yet, 75 years is a long time for any company to exist, and Wonder Woman is a huge part of that history. She paved the way for the integration of female characters in comic books and she empowered young girls to think "yeah, boys can do that and SO CAN I!" In fact, if it weren't for Wonder Woman, I don't think I would be reading comics at all. What do you guys think, though? Does it matter to you that Wonder Woman is missing from the 75th Anniversary logo? What do you think is the reason behind it? 
If you want to sign the petition supporting the request that DC provide a second logo to include some of its female heroes to celebrate this huge milestone, you can do so here