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Brandon Routh to Play Superhero Again on 'Arrow'

The 'Superman Returns' actor is taking on a new guise.

Things are heating up in Arrow for the third season. We're starting to see more and more familiar faces. It's already been announced that Devon Aoki will play Katana and Peter Stormare will play the new Count Vertigo. TV Line has just announced that Brandon Routh will be visiting Starling City this Fall.

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Routh is no stranger to DC Comics characters, having previously appeared as the Man of Steel in Superman Returns. This time, he's taking on a different role. TV Line reports he'll be taking on a recurring role as Ray Palmer. As you may know, Palmer is the hero also known as the Atom.

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TV Line describes his role on the show as follows:

An unparalleled scientist and inventor, Ray will play an unexpected role in the lives of Oliver and (rumored love interest) Felicity as the new owner of Queen Consolidated. Palmer’s plans for Queen Consolidated’s Applied Sciences Division will be shrouded in mystery.

We'll have to wait and see if he puts on a costume on the show.

What do you think about the character and actor coming on the show?

Source: TV Line