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Black Adam Playable in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

Get a look at his costume!

Remember when we saw Black Adam back in the Lex Luthor story trailer? Fans weren't too pleased because there were some major changes to his costume (and he was bald). However, today Injustice's Facebook page released a new (and far more classic) image of the character and confirmed he's playable!

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There you have it, folks. It looks like Shazam's rival is now yours to control. Now for the big questions:

  • What alternate costume would you like to see?
  • Are you excited to play as him?
  • There aren't a lot of spaces left on the roster. Who do you want to see make the cut?

Injustice: Gods Among Us comes out April 16.


Here's a better look at his alternate costume.

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