Beware the Batman - 'Tests' Clip 1

Batman's work is never done. At least he can be polite while beating down common criminals.

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Beware the Batman - 'Tests' Clips and Images

Anarky has arrived in Gotham and wants to challenge Batman for control of the city.

Now you have a reason to wake up on Saturday mornings. DC Nation is back and that means a new episode of Beware the Batman, the last animated series featuring the Dark Knight. Airing Saturday, July 27 at 10:00 a.m. on Cartoon Network, "Tests" will feature the debut of Anarky.

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A new villain has come to town to challenge Batman for control of Gotham City: Anarky (WALLACE LANGHAM). Resembling a ghost image of Batman, Anarky prides himself on his brilliance – and intends to prove it to Batman by manipulating a pair of unsuspecting pawns to do his bidding. But Anarky’s real plan is far more devastating: seeking to create a disaster seen by all of Gotham and proving once and for all that even the great Batman is powerless to protect his fair city from the clutches of Anarky.

In this first clip (seen at the top of the page), Batman takes down a couple criminals but it doesn't look like they'll be around when the GCPD show up.

In the second clip, get ready for some Batman vs. Anarky action.

Warner Bros. Entertainment also sent along some images for the episode.

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Also during the DC Nation block, you'll be able to see the third chapter of the Wonder Woman story. You can check out the clip HERE if you haven't already.