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Beware the Batman - 'Control' Clips and Images

The League of Assassins hasn't given up yet. Using one of their special members, things are going to get a little messy for Batman and Katana.

On the next all-new episode of Beware the Batman, Batman and Katana will have to continue to deal with the League of Assassins. You can catch "Control" on Cartoon Network Saturday, September 21, at 10:00 a.m. EST/PST.

Desperate to gain access to the Ion Cortex after the kidnapping failure of Jason Burr, the League of Assassins instead send one of their specialized members to steal the information from Burr’s mind. Half human and half computer upgrade, the assassin Cypher breaks into Jason’s lab and takes over his mind. Batman and Katana try to stop him, but Katana inadvertently allows herself to be captured when she sees Jason being harmed. Now controlling both Jason and Katana, Cypher escapes with Batman in pursuit. Now, Batman must not only face Cypher, but his well-trained protégé Katana!

Warner Bros Entertainment sent us a couple clips for the episode.

And here we see Batman...observing from outside a window.

You can also check these clips out on our video player if you want HERE and HERE.

Here's a few more images to check out as well.

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