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Best Stuff in Comics This Week: 7-11-16

People often talk about best story arcs, developments, and covers. Here's the other best stuff you might have missed.

Every week, we take a look at some of the most bizarre, exciting, and downright unique things to happen in comics. Check out our choices of the strange and wacky things that shouldn't be overlooked from this week's releases.

There may be some tiny spoilers ahead.

Batman #2

Best Explanation for Batman's Impossible Feats

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Whenever Batman pays Commissioner Gordon a visit, he tends to simply disappear when he feels it's time to leave. Jim has never figured out how he can leave in such a stealthy manner and has since given up trying to figure it out. When two new super-powered heroes experience Batman's exit, they use all their superhuman senses to try to find him. Gordon has the best explanation as to how Batman can do the impossible.

The Amazing Spider-Man #15

Best Use of an Old Spider-Man Costume

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Spider-Man, Iron Man, and pretty much all the other heroes have been defeated and captured by Regent. Mary Jane, Peter Parker's ex, digs out the old Iron Spider costume and puts it on to join in on the fight. She had some web-slinging experience during the Spider-Island story arc and does a pretty good job in the suit.

Future Quest #2

Best Meeting of Two Animated Properties

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Future Quest features several Hanna-Barbera characters. They've been brought together to face an evil threat. It's being done in a way that makes it feel these characters could all exist in the same universe. Seeing Jonny Quest meet Space Ghost was a fantastic moment.

Moon Knight #4

Strangest Sight in a Public Restroom

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Marc Spector's life has been turned upside down. He found himself in an insane asylum and was told his memories of being Moon Knight were all a delusion. He managed to escape but still sees visions of Khonshu, the Egyptian god. Seeing him sitting on the toilet would make anyone question their sanity.

Note: Hawkeye has been in this bathroom before as seen by the graffiti on the wall.

Superman #2

Best Use of a Shirt Found at a Second Hand Store

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Superman takes his son, Jon, out with him to investigate an incident. When things get out of hand, Superman instructs his son to use his heat vision. Jon chooses this moment to show off his new t-shirt.

Best Family Moment

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Superman, Lois, and Jon take a moment to say goodbye to a friend. If only there was someone to take a picture to capture this moment. Then again, that might be a little tricky to explain to anyone that happened to see it.

Deadpool v. Gambit #2

Best Description of Deadpool's Face

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Deadpool and Gambit are teaming up and have to go undercover. Gambit's a little concerned people will notice Deadpool if he takes his mask off.

Best Uncle Scrooge Impression

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When Deadpool sees how much money they'll get for this caper, his mind wanders and he imagines what life will be like.

The Fix #4

Best Dog Wedding

No Caption Provided

A lot of people pair up dogs as pets. Not many will go that extra step to hold a dog wedding for them.

Worst Place to Get Bit by a Dog

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Let's be honest, no one wants to get attacked by a dog. If you do get bit, and you're a dude, there's one place you absolutely do not want it to happen.

Justice League: Rebirth #1

Best Place to Teleport Alien-Infected People

No Caption Provided

New York is being attacked by a giant alien being and is infecting everyone. It turns out Cyborg decided the best place to teleport the infected was to New Jersey.

Deadpool: Too Soon? Infinite Comic #1

Best Revelation About the Punisher and Star Wars

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Someone is blackmailing several heroes. As their darkest secrets are revealed, we find out what the Punisher's is. It turns out he had some emotions during Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Flintstones #1

Best Prehistoric Retail Shops

No Caption Provided

In the new Flintstones comic, we get a look at some of the shops in Bedrock. Looks like there's something for everyone.

Worst Prehistoric Critter to Have as a Butler

No Caption Provided

Mr. Slate is throwing a pretty epic hot tub party. He wants everyone to try out a new thing called "ice cream." Unfortunately, the way it's served ruins things.

Invincible Iron Man #11

Best Group of Friends to Have as Back-Up

No Caption Provided

Tony Stark has been deep undercover, and the world believed he was missing or dead. Once they discover where he is, they rally to save him even though he didn't want their help. Either way, it's a pretty epic save.

Aquaman #2

Best Way to Remove an Impaled Spear

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Aquaman has been shot by Black Manta. Having a big steel spike in his shoulder, he figures the best way to remove it is by slamming himself against a wall and pulling forward. Ouch.

Spider-Woman #9

Best Reason to Avoid Eating Meat

No Caption Provided

Spider-Woman is investigating a recent influx of Wendigos in Canada. The way you turn into one is if you eat human flesh while on Canadian soil. Jessica's partner, Roger, discovers the secret behind a suspicious ski resort. It's pretty gross.

That's it this week. Let us know in the comments below what other Best Stuff you dug this past week. Thanks to @thevinomonster for his suggestion. If you want to participate or felt we missed some other Best Stuff, don't complain, contribute, especially if you didn't offer any suggestions. Each week you can @reply me on Twitter at @GManFromHeck by Saturdays using the hashtag #BestStuffInComics. We'll give you a shout out and I'll think you're pretty groovy.

Be sure to always look for the best stuff and always be sure to be fully aware what you're eating when dining out. It could be pretty gross if you're not careful.


Avatar image for nappystr8
Posted By nappystr8

The juxtaposition between the two scenes for The Fix is pretty hilarious.

Avatar image for segenis

Art in Superman is gorgeus

Avatar image for tantani
Edited By Tantani

Wow DC burn marvel right in the Avengers

moving the monster from New York to New Jersey

Avatar image for d9000
Edited By D9000

Hurry up Philip!

Avatar image for apokos7
Posted By apokos7

Both Superman scenes and the Batman and Aquaman ones here are excellent. Rebirth hits hard week after week.

Avatar image for captainmarvel4ever
Posted By CaptainMarvel4Ever

I really liked her reaction after he removed the spear

(don't have an image of the panel atm, maybe later)

Avatar image for soldy
Posted By Soldy

Punisher is crying? During last Star Wars movie? WTF?

Avatar image for outside_85
Posted By Outside_85

@soldy said:

Punisher is crying? During last Star Wars movie? WTF?

But he does make up for it and kills everyone in the theater... apparently.

Avatar image for dd208
Posted By DD208

@soldy said:

Punisher is crying? During last Star Wars movie? WTF?

Han Solo died, who didn't at least whimper a little.

Avatar image for highaccuser
Posted By HighAccuser

Frank crying watching TFA? Hilarious.

Avatar image for teefurtree
Edited By teefurtree

@outside_85 said:
@soldy said:

Punisher is crying? During last Star Wars movie? WTF?

But he does make up for it and kills everyone in the theater... apparently.

They were all kids, he probably just gave them a little scare and a stern talk.

Avatar image for gracetrack
Edited By Gracetrack

And the award for "king of stealth" goes to... Batman. Seriously, can it even be debated anymore?

Avatar image for jeanvaljean11
Posted By jeanvaljean11

Whole last issue of Scarlet Witch was best therapy session I saw in comic for a long time.

It really show how messed up Wanda is and how lazy were all writers who took this character and didn't do a thing to make her life in many unfinished cases.

Avatar image for bl00dwerk
Posted By Bl00dwerK

@dd208 said:
@soldy said:

Punisher is crying? During last Star Wars movie? WTF?

Han Solo died, who didn't at least whimper a little.

Me. Didn't everyone see it coming?

Avatar image for jeanvaljean11
Posted By jeanvaljean11
Avatar image for captainhoopla
Posted By CaptainHoopla

I have to say, Patrick Gleason draws a damn good Superman.

Avatar image for brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie
Posted By brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie

Punisher jokes about mass murdering a theater full of people. Keep it classy Marvel

Avatar image for bl00dwerk
Posted By Bl00dwerK

@bl00dwerk: Well I did.

I'm not saying from a story standpoint, like I'm suggesting they telegraphed it, but more from a Harrison Ford standpoint. He wanted Solo to die in the OT. Add that to the fact that he's, like, in his 70's, they are making at least two more movies in this "trilogy", and introducing new characters for a new generation of fans.. I just could't see Harrison Ford doing two more Star Wars films. It's possible he could have gotten a "ride off into the sunset" ending, but fans would have complained. With his death it allows the series to move on.

Avatar image for thepreface
Posted By ThePreface

Is anyone reading Future Quest? Is it worth picking up?

Avatar image for lukundra
Posted By Lukundra



Thank You Mammoth

Take my god damned money.

Avatar image for thor_parker82
Posted By Thor_Parker82

@soldy said:

Punisher is crying? During last Star Wars movie? WTF?

But he does make up for it and kills everyone in the theater... apparently.

That´s not how The Punisher acts dude, he probably just scared them, he doesn´t kill innocent people.

Avatar image for scavengerfist
Posted By scavengerFist

I was surprised when Khonshu appeared on that toilet, man if that was me I'd be scared out of my wits.

Avatar image for jeanvaljean11
Posted By jeanvaljean11

@bl00dwerk: Yeah the same reason here. It was very possible that he'll die, someone from old cast should to make it more heartbreaking and give a good motivation for new characters. Pretty sure we gonna see death of Luke in this trylogy too.

Avatar image for aros001
Edited By Aros001

@bl00dwerk: Yeah the same reason here. It was very possible that he'll die, someone from old cast should to make it more heartbreaking and give a good motivation for new characters. Pretty sure we gonna see death of Luke in this trilogy too.

More than likely. Pretty much all the Jedi Master characters have died. It's not a role with much of a retirement plan.

Avatar image for xaosxaos
Posted By Xaosxaos

Well, I will say that aquaman is really a super human, because removing an arrow like that will got you a high probability to die from a fatal internal bleeding. (Badass move, FWIW...)

Avatar image for wandering_wand
Posted By Wandering_Wand

Future Quest looks like a really fun time. I may need to pick up some of those issues and dive in.

Avatar image for youmessinwithme
Posted By youmessinwithme

is that Nova Sam in the scan from Invincible Ironman #11?? he looks more adult. Also that art is gorgeous.

Avatar image for darkprimesovereign
Posted By DarkPrimeSovereign

@xaosxaos: Aquaman isn't a super human. He's not even human. He's an Atlantean. So... A SUPER FISHMAN! :3