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Best Stuff in Comics This Week: 6-13-16

People often talk about best story arcs, developments, and covers. Here's the other best stuff you might have missed.

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Every week, we take a look at some of the most bizarre, exciting, and downright unique things to happen in comics. Check out our choices of the strange and wacky things that shouldn't be overlooked from this week's releases.

There may be some tiny spoilers ahead.

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #5

Best Battle Cry for a Group of Mercenaries

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Deadpool is leading a group of mercenaries. As they're about to attack their target, he yells out the Avengers' battle cry. He comes up with a different one that's more suitable for this team.

Aquaman: Rebirth #1

Best Explanation of Aquaman's "Talking to Fish" Power

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Aquaman is a superhero that some people like to fun of, and part of the reason is because it's believed one of his superpowers is talking to fish. This actually isn't true.

Grizzlyshark #3: Grizzlyshark vs. Seabear

Best Reason Not to Text While Driving

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We all know that texting while driving is dangerous. As seen here, it can lead to accidents, causing drivers to get thrown from their cars. If that wasn't dangerous enough, there's always the chance of a grizzlyshark finishing you off after you get ejected. Just put the phone down or pull over.

Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #1

Best Reason Not to Tell Your Best Friend He's Always Welcome

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Spider-Man had a long day fighting crime. Returning home, he crawls into bed in the dark. To his surprise, Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) decided to crash at his place and happens to sleep in the nude.

Action Comics #957

Best Reminder How Superman Shaves

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Because Superman is a Kryptonian, he can't get a haircut or shave like everyone else. It has been shown a few times before how he shaves, and it is shown again to remind newer readers. Superman uses a piece of metal (likely from his spaceship) and reflects his heat vision off it to burn off his facial hair.

All-New X-Men #10

Best Way to Thwart an Attempted Assassination

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It's not easy being an evil dictator. Even your followers might try to assassinate you. How do you stop a deadly cobra slipped into your tent? You make it your pet.

Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy #1

Best Reason to Know Where to Draw the Line

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It's great to be brave and loyal, but you should always know where to draw the line. It's okay to face a little danger for the greater good. Just avoid having to jump into volcanoes--and cilantro.

Detective Comics #934

Best Reason to Carry a Grappling Gun

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Batman and his associates travel around Gotham by using grappling guns to swing around. When Batwoman tells the others to "keep up," Clayface realizes he might have problems with that.

The Wicked + The Divine #20

Best Question to Make Fanboys Cringe

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You may have heard questions like this before. It's important to keep in mind that not everyone knows every single fact when it comes to geek culture. If this sort of question is presented to you, use it as an opportunity to politely educate the person as you answer.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #6

Worst Use of a Smart Tablet

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What do you do when someone steals an Iron Man suit and they need to be stopped? The last thing you should do is try to stop them by smashing a tablet on the back of their head. All that will accomplish is destroying your tablet and possibly making the thief angry or annoyed.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything #2

Best Explanation on Why You Can't Travel Back in Your Own Timeline

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Time travel and trying to explain it can be really messy. One line of thinking is it's impossible to travel back into your own timeline. If you attempt to do so, you'll end up creating an alternate timeline. This is explained when trying to figure out where Bebop and Rocksteady are.

Injection #10

Calmest Reaction That the End May be Near

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We're all going to die--eventually. Some take this in an extremely calm way.

Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1

Best Explanation for Different Character Origins Over the Years

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Wonder Woman is a character that's been around since 1941. Her origin has changed occasionally from time to time. In this Rebirth issue, Diana discovers there is a reason her past has changed. There's a bigger plan in motion and she's being manipulated. Wonder Woman won't stand for this and is going to get to the bottom of it.

That's it this week. Let us know in the comments below what other Best Stuff you dug this past week. Special thanks to @thevinomonster and @AlexLaVelle2005 for their suggestions. If you want to participate or felt we missed some other Best Stuff, don't complain, contribute, especially if you didn't offer any suggestions. Each week you can @reply me on Twitter at @GManFromHeck by Saturdays using the hashtag #BestStuffInComics. We'll give you a shout out and I'll think you're pretty groovy.

Be sure to always look for the best stuff and always be sure to avoid the dangerous things in life--especially jumping into volcanoes and eating cilantro.