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Best Stuff in Comics This Week: 5-30-16

People often talk about best story arcs, developments, and covers. Here's the other best stuff you might have missed.

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Every week, we take a look at some of the most bizarre, exciting, and downright unique things to happen in comics. Check out our choices of the strange and wacky things that shouldn't be overlooked from this week's releases.

There may be some tiny spoilers ahead.

Deathstroke #18

Best Way to Disarm an Enemy

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When you're up against some bad guys with automated weapons, there's a few ways you can disarm them. Deathstroke goes for one of the more over-the-top ways by cutting off their hands, which are still attached to the guns.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8

Best Dating Sit for Chess Fans

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No matter what you're interests are, there's a dating site for you. The past week's issue of Squirrel Girl showed us that even if you love the game of chess, there's a place for you to find love.

Starbrand and Nightmask #6

Worst Way to React After Kissing Someone

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Usually, when you like someone, and they like you, a kiss happens. Here, said kiss happens when Va-Sohn gives Kevin a smooch. Afterwards, she shoves him away, then kisses him again.

Batgirl #52

Best Way to Fight a Villain Without Throwing a Punch

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While Batgirl is one heck of a fighter, she resorts to playing a matador, which seems to work just as good as beating down the bad guy.

Nighthawk #1

Most Extreme Way to Say You Hate Someone

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There's lots of ways to let someone know you hate them. Most of the civilized people in the world just ignore they person they don't like, but in this issue of Nighthawk, someone gets decapitated. Please don't hurt people you don't like. It's not cool.

Extraordinary X-Men #10

Most Terrifying Upgrade to the Fastball Special

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When Colossus throws Wolverine, he calls it the "Fastball Special." Now, Colossus has taken to throwing Venom at people, which is a lot more frightening.

Superman #52

Best Way to Take Down Impostor Superman

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This Solar Superman is one tough cookie. In addition to the real Superman fighting him, Wonder Woman and Batman help out too. Batman does so by flying the Batplane into him.

Scooby Apocalypse #1

Cutest Moment

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Dog lovers spend a lot of time talking to their dogs, and so many times, all they want is to hear their dog talk back to them. Scooby tells Shaggy he loves him in the new Scooby reboot this week for the first time.

Deadpool #12

Best Secret Hideout

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Deadpool 2099 visits her father's Deadpoolcave this week, which has a ton of relics from a by-gone era at Marvel. There's quite a few Easter eggs hidden in this scene. Can you name them all?

DC Universe: Rebirth #1

Best Hug

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DC Universe: Rebirth had a lot of amazing moments. You can see other ones here. Comic readers have been waiting for the return of Wally West since the 2011 reboot of the entire DC Universe. It was a touching moment as Wally was about to fade away. Barry Allen was able to pull him back into the the world.

Best Twist

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Throughout the issue, Wally West talked of a hidden force responsible for reshaping the DC Universe and removing the bonds the heroes had formed. Batman investigates the glimmering point where Wally disappeared from the Batcave and he finds an object that sets the stage for a surprise crossover.

Art Ops #8

Best Name for a Terrifying Beast

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When your pet cat is actually a terrifying octopus-like creature, it helps to give it a cuddly name, like Biscuits. That will make people less frightened by it, right?

That's it this week. Let us know in the comments below what other Best Stuff you dug this past week. Thanks to @RyanYoushockMe for his suggestion. If you want to participate or felt we missed some other Best Stuff, don't complain, contribute! Each week you can @reply us on Twitter at@GManFromHeck and @ImMatElfring by Fridays using the hashtag #BestStuffInComics. We'll give you a shout out and I'll think you're pretty groovy.