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Best Stuff in Comics This Week: 4-11-16

People often talk about best story arcs, developments, and covers. Here's the other best stuff you might have missed.

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Every week, we take a look at some of the most bizarre, exciting, and downright unique things to happen in comics. Check out our choices of the strange and wacky things that shouldn't be overlooked from this week's releases.

There may be some tiny spoilers ahead.

Black Widow #2

Best Back-Breaking Move

If you've seen her appearance in comics or the movies, you know Black Widow is not someone you should mess with. Natasha was ambushed and kidnapped. Even with her arms handcuffed behind her back in a chair, she manages to easily take out six guys. The last guy will need some serious chiropractic care after this encounter.

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Midnighter #11

Best Precise Blow

Midnighter is a formidable fighter. With a computer in his brain that can instantly run through a given combat situation millions of times in his mind and a amplified healing factor, he rarely receives a serious beating. After getting attacked by the Suicide Squad, Midnighter recovered and has started giving some payback.

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Spider-Man #3

Best Reason Not to Slam Your Door When Grandma is Over

Miles Morales has just faced one of his toughest opponents, his grandma. Because his grades have started to suffer with his secret activities as Spider-Man and a member of the Avengers, his grandma came over to talk some sense into him. She unleashed a fury Miles more intense than any of his superhero battles. After he's sent to his room, he slams the door, only to hear more from his grandma.

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Harley Quinn & the Suicide Squad April Fool's Special #1

Best Pajamas for Harley Quinn

Ever since DC Comics rebooted their universe in 2011 with the New 52, Harley Quinn hasn't been seen in her classic original outfit. Before an intense adventure begins, we see Harley has dozed off, wearing a loose-fitting outfit very reminiscent to her original look.

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Bob's Burgers #10

Best Video Game Code Everyone Should Know

Louise, Gene, and Tina picked up an old video game system at the flea market. Somehow they were magically transported inside the fighting game that came with it. Louise figured out they need to defeat the final boss in order to exit. Unfortunately she keeps losing and they reset to the beginning of the level. She then recalls the ultimate pattern everyone should know.

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Deadpool #9

Most Painful Cut

If you've ever had a paper cut, it's probably felt like the worst thing ever. When Deadpool attacks Sabretooth over a misunderstanding, Creed receives a really nasty cut to his forehead. Thankfully he has a healing factor to deal with it. It still hurts like heck.

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Grizzly Shark #1

Best Time It's Okay to Take A Lot of Aspirin

Being out in the forest has its share of dangers. When a father and son are out, they come across the deadly Grizzly Shark. The son gets chomped badly and the father cauterizes the wound by placing his severed torso over their campfire. To deal with the pain, the kid takes a bunch of aspirin, which concerns his fathers. Luckily it won't affect his stomach too badly since it's some distance away.

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Invincible Iron Man #8

Best Reason Supervillains Should Have Villainous Monologues Prepared

Spider-Man is helping Iron Man located the captured War Machine. When they discover his location and come face to face with his captor, Spidey prepares for a villainous monologue. He's severely disappointed and the villain loses some respect in his eyes.

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Superman #51

Best Reason There's Always a Job for Superman

Superman has recently regained his superpowers. Whenever there's danger someplace in the world, it's always a job for Superman.

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Old Man Logan #4

Best Fight Between Old Man Logan and Old Man Rogers

It's the fight of the senior citizens! Wolverine, from the future, has found himself in the present day Marvel Universe. Captain America recently lost the Super Soldier Serum and became old (don't worry, he gets young again in another comic). It's an epic fight with Kate Bishop helping out.

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Suicide Squad #19

Best Reason Your Co-Workers Might Not be Too Bad to Work With

No matter what job you have, chances are there's someone around that occasionally gets on your nerves. Imagine having Harley Quinn as a co-worker. No one wants a co-worker who says things like this.

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Black Panther #1

Best Mask

You would imagine one hard part to being a superhero is wearing the costume. If your costume has a mask, taking it on and off could get to be a pain. Because Black Panther comes from a nation with advanced technology, he's able to have a suit where he simply needs to to think his mask on or off.

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Spider-Women: Alpha #1

Best Alternate Universe Occupation for Tony Stark

Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) is visiting Spider-Gwen's universe with Cindy Moon (Silk). They discover instead of Starbucks, Gwen gets her coffee from Starkbucks. Jessica is immediately compelled to buy up Starkbuck merchandise to bring back home in order to give Tony a hard time.

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The Fix #1

Best Name for a Dog

This is something we debated before publishing this. In The Fix, we meet a deadly dog with the name of Pretzels. You tell us, is this the best name for a dog or just a really cool one?

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Uncanny Avengers #8

Best Reason Connecticut Isn't for Everyone

Once again, Deadpool is thwarted by the state of Connecticut. Believing he was a Magnum P.I.-looking firefighter in the town of Pleasant Hill due to some mind-manipulation, he discovers the sad truth. It's not really the entire state of Connecticut's fault. Bad things just keep happening to Wade in the state.

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That's it this week. Let us know in the comments below what other Best Stuff you dug this past week. Special thanks to @djfanco for his suggestion. If you want to participate or felt we missed some other Best Stuff, don't complain, contribute, especially if you didn't offer any suggestions. Each week you can @reply me on Twitter at @GManFromHeck by Saturdays using the hashtag #BestStuffInComics. We'll give you a shout out and I'll think you're pretty groovy.

Be sure to always look for the best stuff and always be sure to avoid slamming the door to your bedroom, especially if you don't want it removed and given to a homeless kid.