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Best Stuff in Comics This Week: 10-17-16

People often talk about best story arcs, developments, and covers. Here's the other best stuff you might have missed.

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Every week, we take a look at some of the most bizarre, exciting, and downright unique things to happen in comics. Check out our choices of the strange and wacky things that shouldn't be overlooked from this week's releases.

There may be some tiny spoilers ahead.

Suicide Squad #4

Best 'Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place' Situation

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The Suicide Squad are on a disastrous mission. It's what they do. Harley Quinn points out how they're stuck between two deadly situations.

Best Attempt to Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue

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What does Harley do on her way to her next mission to pass the time? One thing she does is try to touch her nose with her tongue.

The Clone Conspiracy #1

Best Reason to Not Want to be Friends With Spider-Man

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Spider-Man has often mentioned the "Parker Luck" when things go bad. It gets even worse for his friends and loved ones. So many close to Peter Parker have died. Time to start avoiding Peter.

Best Summary of Our Thoughts About Clones

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The Clone Saga had potential to be a really cool story. It quickly got out of hand and was met with some disdain by readers. Spider-Man's been plagued by clones time and time again. When coming across another, he says what we're all pretty much thinking while reading.

All Star Batman #3

Best Addition to Batman's Gloves

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Batman's been showing off some new gadgets in this series. While dealing with the brutal KGBeast, he unleashes his Bat Knuckles against him.

Best H.P. Lovecraft Reference

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Bruce Wayne mentions a home for struggling children he attended as a child to Duke Thomas. The place was located in Innsmouth which is a town H.P. Lovecraft invented and often referenced in his stories.

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #7

Best Reason Not to Take Selfies

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Gwenpool took credit for defeating some aliens and took a selfie with them. The other aliens weren't too happy and retaliated against her. It appears they turned Gwen into a pig.

Don't worry. Things aren't always as they appear. Gwen's okay.

Deathstroke #4

Best Reason Not to Want Deathstroke as Your Father

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Dads can do a lot of embarrassing things. It's part of the job. Deathstroke apparently likes to lounge around naked except for his gun holster. You can imagine how disturbing this must have been for his daughter, Rose.

Reborn #1

Best 'Life Flashing Before Your Eyes' Moment

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Mark Millar and Greg Capullo have created a new series with an interesting look at death. Based on the title, you can imagine what might be involved. Capullo's art shines as one of the character faces her final moments.

Scooby Apocalypse #6

Best Foreboding Transformation of a Classic Character

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Everyone loved Scrappy-Doo, right? Perhaps not. He has quite a grudge against Scooby. Because of the experimentation done on them, Scrappy is able to transform into a more humanoid form and is on the hunt for Scooby.

Power Man and Iron Fist #9

Best Reason to Be Careful With Your Choice of Words

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Songbird is carrying Mockingbird as they fly to the rescue. Songbird mentions not being used to flying with the extra weight. Mockingbird wonders if she's body-shaming her.

Detective Comics #942

Best Example of a Disturbed Villain

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Hugo Strange has a disturbing fascination with Batman. His latest scheme involved turning dead bodies into devastating Monster Men. When Batman tracks him down, he discovers the doctor dressed in his costume on a makeshift throne.

Howard the Duck #11

Best Way to Stop a Deadly Rampaging Robot

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Is it possible to resist rubbing a cat's belly when they're lounging in the sun? Not even a reprogrammed Sentinel can resist.

New Super-Man #4

Worst Paper Cut Ever

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Paper cuts can be the worst. Despite how bad of one you may have experienced, Folding Paper Man unleashes the ultimate paper cut against an unsuspecting guard.

Thunderbolts #6

Best Bob and Doug McKenzie Reference

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The Thunderbolts are hiding out in the Arctic. Atlas and Mach-IX decide to head to a nearby town for a beer run. As part of their cover story, they use Bob and Doug McKenzie's first names for their identities.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #6

Best Space Pants

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Sinestro was one of the greatest Green Lanterns and is the fearful leader of the Sinestro Corps. What does he wear while lounging around? He wears space pants. This skintight apparel must show off his out-of-this-world rear end. Let's just hope it doesn't have our solar system on it with a certain planet placed on his rear.

Chimichanga: Sorrow of the World's Worst Face #1

Best Apollo Creed Reference

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Lula, the little bearded girl, explains to the monstrous Chimichanga the importance of hygiene and uses an Apollo Creed quote.

That's it for this week. Let us know in the comments below what other Best Stuff you dug this past week. Special thanks to @kingdomenic for his suggestion. If you want to participate or felt we missed some other Best Stuff, don't complain, contribute, especially if you didn't offer any suggestions. Each week you can @reply me on Twitter at @GManFromHeck by Saturdays using the hashtag #BestStuffInComics. We'll give you a shout out and I'll think you're pretty groovy.

Be sure to always look for the best stuff and always be sure to carefully consider your hygiene. No one wants to be around a stinker.