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Best Comic Covers of the Week: 9/07/12

Check out some of Comic Vine's favorite covers for the week's new releases.

Part of the reason why we love Wednesdays is because we love to see the covers for the week's new comic book releases.

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First up is the stunning (and very sexy) cover for FAIREST #7. We may be a bit biased because we love Adam Hughes so darn much, but this cover is exactly why. Here we have Beauty doing some not so beautiful things; with a gun in one hand and blood dripping from her mouth, she definitely manages to capture sexy and creepy -- at the same time. It's a gorgeous piece.

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Joe Quinones' cover for THE DEFENDERS #10 is just stunning. The pure essence of the characters is captured in their expressions on this cover, and that's one reason why it caught our attention. Most of the covers we see the characters are posing for a shot, but not here. This cover looks like Joe Quniones caught the team in the middle of a crazy action shot, and the uniqueness of it is what we really loved.

Plus, it's a really pretty picture.

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DEADPOOL #60 is up next! Not only does Dave Johnson manage to depict exactly what's happening in this issue, but he does so in a really humorous way. We loved this cover not only for its perspective, but also because it made us laugh out loud.

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Last but certainly not least is the cover to the fourth issue of MIND THE GAP by Rodin Esquejo. It's a beautiful still shot with a ton of detail that really stood out from the other covers this week because its so different. The matte colors are just subtle enough and Elle's "come hither" stare is simply irresistible. Stunning image.

We know these aren't nearly all of the gorgeous covers from this week. These are some of our favorites, what are yours? Let us know in the comments.