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Best Comic Covers of the Week: 8/24/12

Lots of Spider-Man covers this week, and many more!

This is a pretty awesome week for beautiful comic covers. When we were looking through our stack of new releases, we had a pretty difficult time choosing which comics to put on our list.

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First up though is Cory Walker''s cover to INVINCIBLE #94. I love the contrast in the two scenes depicted on this cover -- on the top portion of the image we see the series' main protagonist broken and beaten, and below we see two characters clearly in love. Not only is it great to see a range of emotions depicted on this week's cover, but Cory Walker's pencils are absolutely stunning. The colors on the cover are equally beautiful, too.

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THE WOLVERINE ANNUAL by Alan Davis is next up. Some of us are huge Alan Davis fans -- his style is incredibly unique and he really does a fantastic job on the cover to Wolverine's annual. One look at the image and you know it was drawn by Davis.This is a really intricate image with a lot of stuff going on, and Davis' attention to detail is evident here.

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My personal favorite cover for this week (and you may or may not agree) is Ken Garing's cover to his PLANETOID series. I am absolutely in love with this image. I love that the only real bit of color we see here is in the from at the very center of the page, who is perched before an industrial looking background. It's a breathtaking picture and creates this great contrast between organic life and synthetic. It seems like Garing really took his time when illustrating this image based on all of the details. I really love this image.

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Finally, we have Marcos Martin's cover's to the 50th issue of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Considering they were all absolutely stunning, it was pretty hard to choose just one -- so we've created a gallery (below) showing them all off. We loved how each one is unique and each cover captures a different time period. This is some truly beautiful artwork.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4

We are sure we missed a few great covers this week, so be sure to post your favorites that didn't make our list down below!