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Best Comic Covers of the Week: 6/15/12

This week we feature two FLASH GORDON covers, Deadpool and more.

It was pretty tough to pick the right covers to feature on this week's picks, and if we miss any of your favorites, be sure to let us know. Here are some of the ones we liked the most.

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Two of the covers to this week's FLASH GORDON #5 really blew us away. One, by Alex Ross, is illustrated as if the viewer is looking through the scope of a gun, aiming at Hitler's face. Leading to the center of the scope are a series of thunder bolts. Alex Ross is a genius, but this is definitely a great cover; giving fantasy a touch of realism. The variant to this week's FLASH GORDON was equally as beautiful -- perhaps mores. Illustrated by Francesco Francavilla, Flash takes center stage on what appears to be the moon with an array of Nazi blimps behind him. Francavilla plays with light and shadow in this image, giving Flash a retro look.

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Artist Dustin Nguyen's AMERICAN VAMPIRE: LORD OF NIGHTMARES was stunning. I'm not used to seeing Nguyen depict such goulish and gory monsters like he did on the cover to the series' first issue. This cover features all the central characters that appeared in the issue, and focuses on the various objects that appear as well (the wire fence in the background, the appearance of a moving train in the foreground). The cover is drenched in red and maintains Dustin's beautiful and unique style.

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Greg Capullo's cover for BATMAN #10 is pretty phenomenal, too -- and also full of symbolism. The image features Batman front and center, gripping a cracked "Court of Owls" mask. The shadow of an owl can be seen on the wall behind him. It's simplicity at its best, beautifully drawn by Capullo.

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Deadpool hasn't felt pain in a long time -- that is until now. The cover to DEADPOOL #56 features Deadpool "reborn." Rarely do we ever see an image of a character being "reborn" and looking like he's just had the crap be at out of him; but that's exactly what the cover to this issue looks like. Deadpool looks destroyed, leaning awkwardly against stacked boxes showcasing his biggest enemies. Dave Johnson does a great job penciling this week's cover.

Which covers made your list of favorites for this week?