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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 8/17/12

From AMAZING SPIDER-MAN to GUNSLINGER, here are this week's best looking comic book covers.

You might notice right off the bat that the covers we've gathered for this week are very, very different. Each one has an incredibly unique style and no one is like another.

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First up is this week's cover to RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS. Any Star Wars fan will immediately be able to identify with the cover to RED HOOD's 12th issue. That might be because it seems to be artist Kenneth Rocafort's way of paying homage to the film franchise, but you can be the judge of that for yourself. If you read the issue, then you might also agree that it's the perfect cover to showcase the space adventure taking place inside this book. What did you think of it? How do you think it compares to Star Wars movie posters in general?

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The cover for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #691 is next on our list. As good as the Adam Kubert's variant cover for was for this issue, I have to say I really liked the perspective on the cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Mario Del Pennino. I love the close up on the Lizard's eye and the fact that you can see Spidey's reflection in it -- ready for action. The colors on the image are pretty amazing as well.

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BATWOMAN #12 features a stunning, intricate cover by J.H. Williams III. I love the abstractness of it and the way he incorporates Wonder Woman's silhouette into the image. It's the kind of cover I definitely wouldn't mind hanging in my room because it is just that gorgeous.

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Finally is the cover to THE DARK TOWER - THE GUNSLINGER: THE MAN IN BLACK #3 of 5. There's so much about this image that I love. I'm a huge fan of Alex Maleev, so seeing him here is a real treat. It's a beautiful painted image which, on the surface seems completely innocent. But when you take a closer look at the picture you see the reflection of a menacing grin in the water, and the blood on the protagonists hand. I love the perspective of the picture -- it's really stunning and very creative.