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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 6/13/14

Take a look at what covers the staff of Comic Vine loved this week.

Welcome back to Best Comic Book Covers of the Week where the Comic Vine staff picks out some of their favorite covers that came out the previous Wednesday and presents them here for you. Also, we ask our followers on Twitter what their favorite covers are as well. Let's check out what books wowed us this week.

ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #3 by David Nakayama

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First is ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #3 by David Nakayama. This was one of our favorite covers of this week, the shading work is wonderful here. The dripping from the lettering is very cool.


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Next up is JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #2 by Ben Oliver. Oliver's art is something fantastic. His color work here is phenomenal, and it's great to see his interpretation of all these characters.

DEADPOOL #30 by Mark Brooks

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Here's a book tons of folks loved when the preview was posted. It's DEADPOOL #30 by Mark Brooks. Brooks is quickly becoming one of the best cover artists at Marvel. His work is fantastic and his covers have a great sense of humor to them.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.2 by Alex Ross

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Next up is AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1.2 by Alex Ross. Looks like Peter is gonna get his lights knocked out! Alex Ross is always a welcomed addition to any cover for this reason. His art work is stunning.

BATGIRL #32 by Alex Garner

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What do you know? Another Alex Garner cover, here for BATGIRL #32, made our list again! Garner always puts out some amazing looking covers that readers gravitate towards, and this one is exceptionally great looking.

CONSTANTINE #15 by Juan Ferreyra

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Finally, here's CONSTANTINE #15 by Juan Ferreyra. The past few issues of CONSTANTINE have had some intriguing covers, and what makes this one so cool is the white silhouette we get of John here, in front of Graceful Moon.

Here's what you guys picked on Twitter.

WRAITH #7 by David Stoupakis

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Most of your picks were already going to be included in this list, but here's one we missed that's pretty awesome: WRAITH #7 by David Stoupakis. He really captures the creepiness of Charlie Manx here and how bizarre the world of Christmasland is.

That's it for another weekly adventure with the best comic book covers of the week, we'll see you guys next week with a whole new batch of covers. Do you have a cover you simply love that we missed? Let us know in the comment section below! Also, make sure to check us out on Twitter to get your Twit-picks in for next week using #CVCovers, which we did not get a chance to do this week.