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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 12/26/14

Let's check out some super-sweet covers!

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday! While you were opening presents or partying or whatever you like to do, we here at ComicVine were trying to discuss what the best covers of the week were. After a long and loud battle, we decided on a few and love to show you what we thought was really cool this week in comic book covers.

SUPERMAN #37 by John Romita Jr, Klaus Janson, and Laura Martin

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First up, here's SUPERMAN #37 by John Romita Jr, Klaus Janson, and Laura Martin. Romita's distinctive style normally doesn't lend to a creepy or sinister tone, but here, Superman looks pretty dang freaky. A lot of this comes from Janson's inking and Martin's colors. Together, they've created something eerie here.


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Next is SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #14 by Darwyn Cooke. It's been a whole month of Darwyn Cooke covers and it's really hard to pick just one or two during each week to say which one is the best because they're ALL the best. However, this one really stood out for this week. It's just a really sweet cover of the two titular characters.


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Finally, here's SUPERIOR IRON-MAN #3 by Mike Choi. Daredevil can see again and the sun is so bright! Choi does a phenomenal job the the expressions on these character's faces and who doesn't love seeing a close-up of superior Iron Man? The color work and shading here are also amazing as well.


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Next up is GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES: DARK SHAMAN #3 by Jorge Meguro. This may be the first time we've seen Jorge Meguro on the list, but cover is stunning. The set up and execution for this cover is beautiful and the color and shading on this women's face is incredibly realistic.

UNCANNY X-MEN #29 by Alex Ross

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Finally, here's UNCANNY X-MEN #29 by Alex Ross. Ross hearkens back to the classic days of the X-Men but in his signature style. Storm looks amazing on here and so does Colossus as well. We love seeing Ross take characters we know and love and putting them in their costumes from the past.

Because of the holiday, we did not ask our fine followers on Twitter which covers were their favorite. Don't worry, we'll do it again next week.

There you have it! Let us know in the comment section below what covers you loved! Also, check us out on Twitter and let us know on Wednesdays and Thursdays what covers you loved using #CVCovers. See you all next week with a new batch of covers!