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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 1/16/14

What comic covers were the best? Let's find out! Hope you like Star Wars...

Welcome back to Best Comic Book Covers of the week where we take a look at some of the coolest covers released in the past week and put them all in here for you to view. We also ask our followers on Twitter to chime in using #CVCovers. This week, like a million STAR WARS #1 variants were released, so of course we have to cover that as well! Let's get right down to business and see what's rad.

GRAYSON #6 by Jock

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First up, this week is GRAYSON #6 by Jock. It may look like a simple cover, but Jock does some really cool things with these two silhouetted characters. The speed lines behind Barry Allen help give him a sense of movement. The whole layout of the cover is really cool.

DEADPOOL #40 by Scott Koblish

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Next up is DEADPOOL #40 by Scott Koblish. Much like the contents held within the comic, the cover to this issue is pretty nuts and makes me want to watch Gasland again. Koblish really captures the essence of the comic in this cover.

Star Wars #1 Forbidden Planet Variant by Adi Granov

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The first of many STAR WARS #1 covers is the Forbidden Planet Variant by Adi Granov. While Boba Fett may not appear in the first issue of this book, he looks pretty dang awesome here, and he's one of Star Wars' most popular characters.

Heroes and Fantasies Variant by Daniel Acuna

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Next up is the Heroes and Fantasies Variant by Daniel Acuna. This recreation of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 is pretty spectacular and Acuna really captures both Boba and Han Solo exceptionally well.

Variant by Skottie Young

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Here's a variant by Skottie Young. It's like Muppet Babies but with Star Wars... and more attitude. The look on Chewbacca's face alone should make you want to buy this cover. Young's work is always pretty fantastic.

Variant by Sara Pichelli and Justin Ponsor

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Finally, here a variant by Sara Pichelli and colorist Justin Ponsor. These two work incredibly well together and we're not just talking about Han and Leia. We mean Ponsor and Pichelli. The Star Wars power-couple looks exceptionally cool here, as they stand over a defeated group of the Imperial Guard.

Twitter Pick of the Week: STAR WARS #1 Variant by Alex Ross

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Here's the main variant by Alex Ross, which actually had a few votes for it on Twitter, so this one technically won the Twitter pick of the week, even though almost everyone voted for some form of a STAR WARS variant. Ross recreates the cover to the original Marvel STAR WARS #1 here and it is stunning.

There you have it! Did you get enough Star Wars? Let us know in the comment section below what covers you loved! Also, check us out on Twitter and let us know on Wednesdays and Thursdays what covers you loved using #CVCovers. See you all next week with a new batch of covers!