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Best Comic Book Covers for 3-11-16

These are the covers you're looking for.

Every Wednesday is new comic book day and hundreds of books hit local shops and the digital market. While many readers pick books based on the creative teams involved or the stories and characters contained within, every comic is trying its best to grasp the consumer's attention with its cover.

Each week, we highlight some of the best comic book cover art from the past week's releases and discuss the artists involved. Here's what caught our eye this week.

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Street Fighter V: The Life and Death(s) of Charlie Nash #1

Cover artist: Kandoken

Udon has a new series this week, featuring Charlie Nash. Kandoken created the memorable cover here, which is in the same style as his Chun-Li cover from last week. The grey tones here give this cover a lot of depth, and once again, there's a minimal use of color which gives the overall piece a stoic feeling.

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Vision #5

Cover artist: Marco D'Alfonso

What's great about the cover for Vision #5 is that it's a fully-detailed piece that really gives the reader an idea of what's coming in the issue. It's not just great looking art. It tells a story, and that story is a robot getting arrested in front of his family.

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Detective Comics #50

Cover artist: Rafael Grampá

During the month of March, DC Comics is releasing quite a few Batman v Superman variant covers to celebrate the upcoming release of the film. This week, Grampá put together this cool cover, showing off the two heroes in the midst of battle.

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Black Knight #5

Cover artist: Julian Totino Tedesco

Tedesco's covers for the new Black Knight series have been fantastic. This past week, Tedesco put Black Knight in a dark place, both figurately and literally. He does a fine job at blending together the colors to create a smooth looking piece.

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Mars Attacks: Occupation #1

Cover artist: Andy Kuhn

IDW takes readers back in time with this cover for the new series Mars Attacks: Occupation. Aside from the classic layout, the weathering around the edges of the cover gives this piece a timeless feel. Kuhn really gave this a cool pulp feel.

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The Amazing Spider-Man #9

Cover artist: Alex Ross

Ross makes the list once again, but this time, his cover art is less of a moment in time. It has the look and feel of a movie poster, giving the feeling that the story contained within the pages of this book is going to be pretty epic.

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Action Comics #50

Cover artist: Aaron Kuder

Action Comics hit issue #50 this week, and while there were multiple covers for this issue, this was the coolest one. There's a great balance between the negative and positive space, and the focus is on Superman flying in the sky.

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The Troop #4

Cover artist: Joshua Cassara

Finally, the grosses cover of the week goes to Titan Comics' The Troop #4 by Joshua Cassara. Aside from the shock value element, the detail and colorwork here are brilliant. The shading looks solid and the background really highlights the character in the foreground.

What covers did you love this week?