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Best Battles in New Comics: 8/21/15

This week, we're featuring fights from SILK #6, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #49, and SPIDER-VERSE #4.

It's that time of the week. Time to look at the latest edition of Best Battles in New Comics. Comics often feature big battles with superheroes fighting supervillains. Sometimes we even have superheroes fighting other superheroes. Get ready to cheer and possibly cringe at the brutal punches being thrown.

There will be some spoilers below!

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(Robbie Thompson, Stacey Lee, and Ian Herring)

The good news and bad news for Silk is she has her own arch-enemy with Black Cat. It's good because, as a new hero, she now has her own enemy. Silk has been trying to find out what happened to her parents and also made an enemy of Black Cat by messing up her plans. Silk had just been captured and had to break her fingers to escape but that won't stop her from fighting.

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As you can see, it's not going too well for Cindy. She's weak and ends up hanging out the window with Felicia holding her by the hair. Silk slashes her own hair and pulls Felicia out the window, causing her to slam into the fire escape on each floor on the way down. This gives her the perfect opening to finally land the punch she's been craving.

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It's a great punch and it sends Black Cat flying. Is this the end?

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Cindy's out of energy. Surprisingly, Felicia has great stamina and gets up. What does this mean? What happens next? You'll have to buy the issue to find out.


(By Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, Tom Waltz, Cory Smith, and Ronda Pattison)

As we're headed to the fiftieth issue, we saw a big fight for the Turtles brewing last issue as they were attacked by a swam of Mousers and Flyborgs courtesy of Baxter Stockman. This is stopped by Karai, who believes it's not a worthy ending for them. She convinces her grandfather, Shredder, to hear her out and Splinter challenges him to The Gauntlet. Four from each side will fight until the others are defeated. Those left will be allowed to fight alongside their master.

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The fight begins and it's looking like the Turtles are off to a great start.

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But their opponents are no slouches. Things quickly start to turn in the other direction.

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Things really start to look bad for the Turtles.

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You won't want to miss how this ends. You can bet the 50th issue will be pretty crazy as well.


(By Mike Costa, Andre Araujo, and Rachelle Rosenberg)

Spider-Gwen finds herself face to face with Peter Parker. It's a little confusing in this little corner of Battleworld as Peter explains he was Spider-Man but she knows that Spider-Man is dead. They do realize there are other versions running around here but their talk is interrupted by a massive-sized Venom. He was supposed to be following Gwen but couldn't resist when he saw Parker.

As they run away, Gwen discovers Peter has no powers. Venom manages to grab Peter so Gwen grabs a parking meter.

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They have no choice to continue to flee. They happen to end up hiding in an old Guitar Heaven store. Venom smashes in, hot on their heels. Gwen is trying to figure out the equipment but mentions she's not a guitarist.

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The sound is so intense, it causes the symbiote to flee with Eddie Brock left on the ground (in his boxers, thank goodness).

Peter steps up to finish the job.

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But the story is not over. There's still Norman Osborn to deal with. Our time here is just about over though.

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Thanks to @AlexBeanLD for his suggestion via Twitter.

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